Wednesday, May 13, 2015

you know a book about books and a cat will be great when...

a book about a cat and books, may 2015

... it stirrs this much attention from literary inclined felines.

a book about a cat and books, may 2015

As if not only one. Or two were enough.

a book about a cat and books, may 2015

Or three. Or four. But only five will do.

Surely the book must be beyond awesome? (Even if the illustration of the Maine Coon cat Diesel isn't very Maine Coon-looking). And since 'Man kann im leben auf vieles verzichten, aber nicht auf katzen und literatur!' is a universal truth the blend of clever cats, books and a mystery in a book is brilliant.

My first read of A cat in the stacks mystery- novel, and 25 pages in to "The silence of the library" so far so good. And sweet.

Have you read any of these books by Miranda/Dean James?
What did you think?

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DahnStarr said...

I've seen this (or one like it) before and for the life of me I can't remember where or when. Or for that matter if I read it! I do remember that I thought it looked real sweet. Let me know if I should find myself a copy.

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