Tuesday, June 02, 2015

dogs on the town

dogs on the town, stockholm, june 2015

A friend of mine came up with the hashtag #hundarpåstan (ie #dogsonthetown) for dog spotting in Stockholm. I think it's such a darlin' idea so of course these days I feel an even more urgent need to dog snapping when I see them out and about.

Today I saw this adorable grumpyfaced French bulldog outside a cafe and I realised a #hundarpåcafe (#dogsatcafe) is a must hashtag.

Here are some of my previous #hundarpåstan snaps -

Or here would be some more dog photos if Flickr had cooperated, as all too often it does not. The two years ago new Flickr never did get any better, the poor performance has sadly just continued ever since... It would have been nice to have been proven wrong.

dogs on the town, stockholm, june 2015

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