Tuesday, June 30, 2015

the vaude computer bag

new computer bag - prosit in berlin 2015

Last time we were in Berlin I bought a sporty, vegan red/white rain-proof shoulderbag which I've had good use of ever since. I've always thought I should have bought it in a larger size so the computer and camera etc would fit should I bring them.

Three years later I've also learnt that the Kånken backpack I got for work purposes doesn't really work for my back when it's full of stuff. The idea of a backpack is appealing and it obviously work for many, for me it doesn't. Both back and shoulders ache after carrying that heavy thing around.

new computer bag - prosit in berlin 2015

Of course a really heavy messenger bag isn't ideal either, but it usits me and my back so much better. So, say hi to my new, vegan extra large Vaude messenger bag with room for computer and lots of work things.

It has all sorts nifty features, like special straps if you ride a bike and such - not that I would ever ride a bike with my computer... - it's versatile and easy to clean. I enjoy the orange colour very much and I'm sure we'll have many good times together.

Yes it has been throughly inspected. Of course.
Paw approved. Check.
Animal-friendly. Check.
Environmental-friendly. Check.
Fairtrade. Check.
Prosit approved. Check.

new computer bag - prosit in berlin 2015
I found my Vaude messenger bag at BagAge in Kreuzberg.

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