Sunday, June 28, 2015

the prosit berlin office

prosit ord & bild ab temporary office berlin, june 2015

This was my office view for the week in Berlin that was. Life could be worse.

Because I'm on a long-term project and have to accomplish a certain amount of work every week I can't have a 100% holiday. Perhaps not ideal, but doable. And with wi-fi quality work is possible pretty much everywhere these days. We're rather spoilt, we who can work like this.

So I set aside some hours every day to do work and the rest of the time enjoyed myself and the fantasic city of Berlin. New sights, old sights and an overall lovely time.

But it may have been a lovely trip, it was also a hectic one, relaxing not so much at all. By the end of the week I had a sore throat, which of course turned in to a full blown cold. I'm grateful it didn't show its ugly face until the end of the trip.

I'm thinking it would be really really nice being able to go away like this more often, have a temporary office in a new city for a few days. Change of scenery, get inspired. Maybe one day.

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