Thursday, June 18, 2015

the blue art sandals of 2015

the blue ART sandals of 2015

Behold the blue sandals of 2015 - from ART shoes this time. Because clearly there's a rule that you have to get at least one pair of sandals every summer and pink and red is so 2014. Well not really, they're still really lovely to wear, but blue is the colour (literally) for the summer of 2015.

the blue ART sandals of 2015

Perhaps slightly frumpy in style from the side, but oh so very comfortable. Supportive, airy and very pro-swaying gait. I chose between this turquoise blue and a pair of really lovely pink ones (not at all the pink of last summer's sandals). It was a tough choice, but the blue ones won.

the blue ART sandals of 2015

I've worn them only once so far, the Swedish summer weather has but for a day here and there not been very kind so far - which is surprising given the last few years of really hot summers, too hot for comfort. I would love more sunshine and I do think I need to take those vitamin D2 supplements again if this will continue. But the nature seems very happy and very green with the weather we're having - hopefully that will change. And it'll be a blue swinging summer.

How about you, 
have you found any perfect 
summer sandals of 2015?

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