Saturday, June 13, 2015

summer nailpolish 2015

opi hawaii and my dogsled is a hybrid, may 2015

The bobbalooos made me do it. I had quite possibly though of buying ONE new bottle on our recent Åland trip. But when the bobs saw there was a mini collection available they screamed "BUY!". And as an unruly bunch of bobs on a boat is a bad idea I felt I had to comply.

nails, june 2015 - opi my dog sled is a hybrid

I have to say though, that my sense of colour is better than theirs. Because the lovely green 'My dog sled is a hybrid'-big bottle colour far surpass the Hawaii collection. And if I'm not crazy about a majority of the colours in the package I from now on must say a firm NO to the buying of these miniature collections - love the idea of miniatures, but stuck together in a collection they sadly seem to be a very unsatisfying match.

The majority of the OPI top ten ones were lovely. The Bond girls and Copabacababies were pretty much 100% awful. Since OPI in general have great colours it's strange how they totally miss it when they put together the miniature collections. Which makes me think there might be an odd conspiracy here I'm unaware of.

nails, 2015

Susy Shops & Island Hops - pale pale pink that doesn't cover well even after three coats.
This Color's Making Waves - metallic petrol green, metallic really isn't my thing.
Aloha from OPI - bright, neon orange, which isn't my thing either but it's a fun summer colour.
That's Hula-rious - pale pale icy green, quite nice with a tan and covers surprisingly well compared to its pale pink companion. I think it'll look especially great on the toe nails in sandals.
Lost My Bikini in Molokini - matte purple, for not being a fun of purple I have an oddly large collection of purple nailpolish bottles... This one is rather nice too. I don't enjoy matte polishes but as I most always use a top coat they get a glossy finish anyway.
Go With the Lava Flow - metallic orange, awful colour definitely my least favourite. What a waste of the fine colours orange.

What's your favourite nailpolish colour/s
this summer?


Feisty Harriet said...

Um, I LOVE your polish. I always think your nails look so fantastic!! Hope you get enough wear out of the good colors in this set to justify the price! :)


Poppy Q said...

I am a bit boring, but I only polish my toenails in the summer and I tend to go crazy and buy one colour, and just wear that all summer long. I love Essie polish, and usually wear pick a neutral type colour, maybe gold or a muddy mauve/grey type colour. That way I can just apply a quick bit if it chips.

Love your bright choices, you look like you really celebrate summer brights and colours.

Julie q

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