Thursday, June 25, 2015

shoes that fail the power walking-test on the streets of berlin

the prosit roadtrip stockholm - berlin, june 2015 -

So, very unlike me, I took a pair of power walking shoes in the non-El Naturalista shape with me to Berlin. Since people keep insisting they're so very comfortable to walk and walk and walk in. No sore feet, no blisters. Yada yada yada.

Well, you know what, from having spent a very long first or second day walking up and down the streets of Berlin I have never ever had such sore feet. With a blister from hell. Plus for the next few days such swollen ankles that you would not believe it.

My feet were made for walking yes, but apparently not in these type of shoes. They are simply not supportive enough. And given this experience I have to say I'm   a m a z e d   at how popular they are with people...

When I'd managed to un-swollen my ankles I wore a couple of more days with less extensive walking and also on woodland paths. Comfortable yes, very light yes and for shorter walks they work well. But if you put them to the hard, long day on city street-test they fail miserably. Plus, whatever people say, they can give you blisters too.

I had my heart set on a racy pink pair (but from another brand), because I really thought they'd be ĂŒber-comfortable. Now I don't know if it's even worth concidering trying a pair on.

prosit roadtrip berlin, june 2015 - pfaueninsel (peacock island) world heritage site

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Unknown said...

Hi Pia, it sounds awfull. I have a pair of running shoes from Asics and I could walk in them 24 per day and would still be most comfortable. I think that good thing is to go to a specialized shop and let the properly educated shop assisstant help you to choose the right shoes for you. I did it and I am super happy with my choice. Shoes like this cannot be bought without proper try how they fit and even though you love certain colours, it shouldn ´ t be prioritizied over what suits best your feet 😉. Good luck next time.

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