Saturday, December 12, 2015

a scrumptious december breakfast

Behold today's lovely lovely breakfast at darlin' Älskade Tider retro cafe - the first time I had a sweet waffle and not a savoury wraffle and it was delicious. A befitting for the season saffron waffle with  red berries and cinnamon cream. Together with a cup of chai rooibos tea it was a perfect start of the winter day.

M had a banana split waffle and enjoyed his very much too, even if he would have liked more bananas for perfection.

Älskade Tider opens at 10 am Mon-Sun and is usually pretty full by 10.30 on the weekends. Today it was surprisingly slow at least until we left at 11.30, which made the breakfast even lovelier. I adore empty or slow cafes. 

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