Tuesday, December 15, 2015

quick vegan fajitas

Unlike many Swedes I'm not at all a fan of tacos, but I love a good vegan fajita or tortilla. But it shouldn't be greasy or cheesy, I want it fresh with emphasis on vegetables and flavour.

Over the years I've stir fried minced soy with yellow or red paprika and lots of garlic. Served with tortilla bread, lettuce, salsa sauce and creme fraiche with even more garlic.

Though since the vegan oat fraiche contains palm oil I shy away from that these days - plus to be honest I don't think it adds a lot to the dish anyway.

But then the other week M came up with the idea to only stir fry the minced soy - from Swedish brand Hälsans Kök (The Health's Kitchen) who recently have launched vegan products (they used to be ovo lacto vegetarian products) and this one is really great in flavour and consistency - with the garlic and then serve it with the fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn plus salsa sauce.

And wow, it was quite a revelation! So much fresher and tastier. Plus it's great and healthy fast food. Very moreish. And homemade guacamole plus black beans would be awesome toppings too. Next step would of course be to make my own salsa sauce...

What's your favourite ingredients in a fajita/tortilla?

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