Sunday, December 20, 2015

on advent fourth 2015

I always find it curious that advent fourth sometimes take place well before Christmas, but here it is.

And with a heartbreakingly ominous climate change temperature - +14 degrees C in December, on these latitudes. That's simply not right, not right at all. Poor planet and atmosphere, the human kind has not treated you well. 

This year's fourth candle is for you planet, you can most certainly thrive without humans, we can't without you.

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Felis said...

Totally agree! It's so sad winter without snow, when here was normal to have snowdrift on Christmas. And a last time when I read the article about the global warming and polar animals which now are desperately starving because their ecosystem fall a parts, someone was wrote comment under it: "Don't be naive, polar bear aren't immortal, what eco activist shows to us is just natural process, which they want to show like a problem", I'm so disgust from this kind of thinking, it's hard to accept that human beings with whole this high intelligence are in same time so heartless and destructive.

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