Thursday, December 17, 2015

we should all be feminists

This is one of the best books (novella) I've read recently. In fact ever, since it's such an important read. For everyone, women and men alike.

'We should all be feminists' is an adaption of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche's TED talk. An it's brilliant.

The novella has been given to every second year high-school student in Sweden. A fantastic initiative I hope will follow suit in schools and workplaces all  over the world. Because to be enlightened and a feminist is to be a part of the worldwide kindness revolution this world of ours is so in desperate need of.

And because we should all be interested in and work for a better, fairer world. I could quote many oneliners from the book but I'll settle for this, what we all want - 'A world of happier men and happier women who are truer to themselves.'


Feisty Harriet said...

This book is on my Christmas wish list, I hope it's a stocking stuffer, and if not, it's also in my Amazon cart for ordering on Christmas afternoon. :)


Felis said...

I think I'm a feminist. I mean totally believe that women deserve and can to be equal to men in everything. I follow this philosophy and I often repair and build alone some small project in my house. I was really mad when after few days of trying I realise I'm too weak physically to repair myself my hayloft and was necessary my dad to finished it.

But I'm really tired from whole this independence which feminisms bring to our generation. In my culture because of long years slavery in our past, woman and men always are work and care for the family on a same level, because of many cases of family left with only one parent.
In modern time and situation of freedom, the woman have to be mother and careerist in the same time. On my language there is no term "housewife", this kind of ladies are just "unemployed" and other look on them from high, because this is accept for anti-feminist and old fashioned. In same time the woman have to look like a model and to cook on heels in her own home or risked, someone 'better wife' to steal her husband. Men don't open the door and give you a chair, and left girl to pay on first date, because this show their respects to the feminist ideals for equality. And you not just can, but you have to do everything that they do, because "Hey, that was what you the feminist wanted it, dear" he winks you.

I feel like this philosophy go too far, like is happened with other good ideas too. I mean if one woman can not be like Anne Elliot anymore, but have to be Bridget Jones, what is the deal?! The feminist is a woman which don't left men to determined her, but should be determined by the opinion of other women. It's not better. This isn't philosophy of freedom, at all, not in my opinion.

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