Tuesday, December 29, 2015

vegan ris á la malta

Ris á la Malta (Rice á la Malta) or creamy rice pudding is my only must at the Christmas table. It's easy to make and the vegan version is delicious. Here's the simple recipe of the classic Swedish Christmas dessert:

Ris á la Malta
4-6 generous servings

porridge rice for 4 servings
6 dl - 1L oat milk
2 tbsp caster sugar

1-3 tsp vanilla sugar
~3 dl whipped soy cream

For serving: 
raspberry jam or tinned mandarine

Boil the rice porridge according to the recipe on the package. Add the caster sugar when it's cooked. Let the porridge cool completely then add the vanilla sugar after taste.

Whip the soy cream fluffy and stir it in the rice porridge. The Ris á la Malta should be of a rather runny consistency.

Serve with jam or fruit of choice. My favourite is raspberry jam, but the classic topping is tinned mandarines.

Let the cats lick the bowls. After you've finished eating.

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