Saturday, December 05, 2015

acorn tea strainer

Since acorns are one of my favourite shapes and things again and again and... this tea strainer - like the manatee one also from Kränku's web shop - gently called my name. 

Not the greatest fan of silicone kitchen utensils, I think they're a bit slimy and not easy to clean in general (like the submarine tea strainer). But sometimes their shape still calls... And this one happens to be really easy to both fill and clean (like the umbrella tea strainer, of which half the strainer has been played away by a tyke cat named Ztina unfortunately. I hope to find it again some day...).

I try to use strainers as much as possible though with my fondness for rooibos and its fine tea leaves I have to use the nifty T-sacs a lot too. But variety is the spice of life etc.

Do you have a favourite tea strainer?

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