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vegan haircare products

vegan haircare, 2018 - maria nila

I don't know about you, but I'm a tad bit tired of thinking, writing, talking about the sadness and hurt over the project and team situation that went amuck. So from inside my head to literally outside we go - this will simply be a post about vegan haircare products, the good, the bad but never the ugly inside.

paul mitchell hair care revisited ❤️, august 2017 - and snoopervisor zigne

I used to use a lot of Paul Mitchell products, not really sure why I stopped. Because they were darlin', the Awapuhi shampoo, the carrot Detangler and the apple scented Super Sculpt gel were my favourites. As they've changed the design and the content isn't really obvious anymore it was a bit tricky to find the right gel - less than clever people at hair salons had no idea what I was talking about and instead tried to sell other brands... But Google was my friend in this case and I found it. Hooray.

And once I opened the bottles in the shower and used the products it was like coming home. It's so obvious high quality products, the Awapuhi shampoo has a delicious scent and the Detangler is still one of few conditioners that works well on my hair. I always end up looking like Ronia Robbersdaughter anyway, but for a while there's sleek softness and less bristle. The apple gel helps to tame too. Classic animal friendly products still going strong.

vegan skin/haircare -

Had the chance to try this vegan hair care range from Swedish brand disp. last year. First of all, the design of the bottles looks very cheap and outdated to me. The prices however is nothing but cheap. Hydrating shampoo and Conditioner plus a Healing mist. The scent of them all is very strong, luckily it's amazing, think fruit salad and exotic flowers with a dash of sweets shop. The shampoo is alright, but I wouldn't buy it again, for that price it needs to be great. The conditioner is rubbish, turned my hair into dry steel wool.

vegan skin/haircare -

I was really sceptical about the Healing mist, seems like a pretty superfluous product (but I guess you might need it after that conditioner experience...) to me. But guess what, it's lovely. Smells great, obviously, tames the wisps and makes them soft. I will definitely buy this product again, as I know the interior is something quite different from the ugly exterior.

Last but definitely not least there's the Swedish vegan brand Maria Nila - "Animals fill our lives with joy and laughter, and should therefore never be a part of a beautyproduct." They also climate compensate their packaging and plant a tree in Africa for every bottle sold. I'm happy to say that care for animals and the environment is matched by the content in the pretty bottles. Just with the Paul Mitchell products you can tell it's high quality from the first lovely scented dollop.

I thought the True Soft-series would be good for my hair and it really has been. The Head & Hair Heal masque I got only because the True Soft one wasn't available, and it's great. Even though the scent is a bit too after shave-ish for me. Next time I'll go all True Soft.

Funny thing is that it actually does make wonder for the softness of hair. Was talking with a friend about patronizing behaviour and she illustrated it with patting me on my head - and going a surprised "Gosh, how soft your hair is!" Where upon my reply naturally was "Yes, of course, True soft it is."

I'm pretty certain I can thank the fabulous soft haircare products for the recent few great job meetings I've had - I and my super soft hair, irresistable we are.

What are your favourite animal friendly hair care products?

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Poppy Q said...

Like you I have thick prone to being dry and coarse hair, and have trouble finding products to tame my locks. Luckily I have a cheap pantene combo that is working now, but often what works for a year or two will stop and then you have to search for the new combo. I can barely afford to go to the salon, so can't afford to pay for salon shampoos and conditioners which here are 6-10 times the price of supermarket ones.

Glad to hear that you have found some new products to suit you.

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