Wednesday, February 28, 2018

the organic cotton cat dress

organic cotton cat dress, people tree, february 2018

Granted the days for wearing flimsy, pretty dresses currently seem awfully far away -

it has been so cold for the past week, heaps of snow and freezing winds and there doesn't seem to be an end to it anytime soon. Apparently we haven't *enjoyed* this type of snow and weather since 1987... -

but I've missed out on the fabulastic PeopleTree cat dresses for so many years I felt I had to snatch one up asap, being the not so crazy cat lady I am.

organic cotton cat dress, people tree, february 2018

It's darling! Organic jersey cotton. Not as roomy as the lovely owl dress, ideally I would have liked it to be given we aren't all flat chested. And it lacks pockets alas. But still really cute. Have many comfy, colourful cardigans to add to the outfit. Looking forward to gentler weather lots, not least for feline dress reasons.

organic cotton cat dress, people tree, february 2018

Gaeltarra Ireland cardigan rediscovered, February 2018 - thrifting in your own closet is awesome ❤️

If I team the dress with colourful stockings I might even chose a less colourful cardigan. Like the one I happened to thrift in my own wardrobe recently. I got this grey Gaeltarra Ireland cardigan in Dublin 2003/04, wore it lots back then but have lost sight of it for years. Thought I had given it away to charity by mistake, but I found it when I did that big cleansing a couple of years ago. Wasn't until recently I was reminded that it would be nice to wear it again too. With it's quirky design of holes, not created by moths.

clothes, january 2016 -

My February begun with me losing my old cosy, faux fur favourite mittens on the train. And I haven't been able to find them despite visiting the lost and found office several times. It makes me really sad, like no other mittens they've been such reliable friends when winter days are freezing. But the month ended with welcoming a fantastic cat dress.

Much of the professional month has been about the issue of my clouded heart, it has been a tough learning lesson, both professionally and on a personal level. But I do believe it ended on a light and hopeful note professionally. Did what I'd realised I must do to try and salvage the situation, followed by a good phone call. And now welcoming a new month in a better mood than I had thought I would only a few days ago.

Plus I have a fabulastic cat dress. And super soft hair.

Thank you, February, 
you have been a tough teacher, 
but with glimmers of sweetness.
Oh, March, you are much welcome 
to bring kindness and awesomeness galore!

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Poppy Q said...

I live the dress miss pia. I haven't worn a dress in years but maybe you will inspire me.

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