Thursday, May 31, 2018

poor little kitty

poor baby ztina, 💙, may 30, 2018

So glad May is over. It really hasn't been a good month. From the unseasonal heatwave of global warming, to infuriating work related disappointment (that forever have chipped my trust in people and collaborations), worry, stress, lack of sleep and to top it off - this.

poor baby ztina, 💙, may 30, 2018

Poor little bunny Ztina. One of the irreplacable Prosit sisters. A few days ago I noticed her heavy breathing. I had hoped it was only the heat, it's taking its toll on us all, especially the furballs. But I knew it wasn't, she just wasn't her annoyingly, delightful self. Took her to the vet. Where it was discovered she apparently has a serious heart condition.

She was so brave and sweet all through the extensive examination, the ultrasound, the blood tests, the scary drainage of the fluid in her pericardium and pleura. The condition should be treatable and she's currently on three different meds, of which at least one, the heart medicine, will be for the rest of her (long!) life. Oh the joy.

Back for a check-up next week. She's almost her old self again, so fingers crossed the meds are working and that it'll be a viable long term solution.

Just when I really really really didn't need any more extra costs this happened, like when this emergency happened to her sister back in 2016. Luckily she has insurance, but still, the deductable is costly in itself.

For now I'm just so relieved she seems to be doing well. And I'm so blessed to have a oxytocin lifting personality like her in my life. Alongside her little furry family, who normally aren't this friendly with eachother but they seemed to get that circumstances where special after the vet visit yesterday.

poor baby ztina, 💙, may 30, 2018

Bye May, your may have been beautiful on the surface but I'm so sad you were such a generally disappointing, dispiriting, deplorable month in truth. Though I loved your lilacs. (And I will elaborate on your other adversities at a later date.)

Hello June, can you please, please, please be generously kind and uplifting?
And do offer some gorgeous, much needed rain?

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