Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the prosit sisters proudly present laptop skin and case

laptop skin

The new laptop has now been dressed in what can most likely be described as the most awesome skin ever. The Prosit sisters as kittens.

The customized skin was ordered at Schtickers and I'm very pleased with the quality in general. But there are two details that glitch. 

A) The fact that you have to rely on eye measurement when you change the uploaded size of the photo. It looked fine on screen but irl it is visible (to me) that the sisters' heads are a bit too flat and squeezed together compared to the actual photo. The sizing procedure should be more accurate.

B) The second glitch is that the sizing of the corners of the skin isn't perfect. They need a bit of a trim. I thought I measured the flat surface perfectly, not sure it's my fault or not. And I suppose it's reasonably easy to trim myself.

That apart, a very high degree of adorable loveliness indeed.

P.A.P cases

The new laptop has also received a proper case. Or you could also say, little sister iPad case (made from recycled PET-bottles and wool) has now a big sister. 

For weird and unknown reasons the Swedish company P.A.P's laptop cases has been adjusted to MACs only. By which they obviously miss a huge potential in customers.

I'm just pleased my laptop apparently is of the perfect case size despite being a happy non-MAC. So the 15" size is a perfect fit. I love its simplicity, design and material.

Both skin and case have been paw inspected and approved. By both Prosit sisters. Apparently the cases are great scratching cases for cats too. Who knew.

P.A.P cases

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