Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ztina and zigne, week six


Better late than never, here's the latest (and very short alas) update on the fabulous Z sisters.


~ Soon seven weeks old, prefering dry food and minced meat over gruel, Ztina weighing around 850 grams, Zigne around 800 grams.


~ They've quickly become very apt att climbing out of the kitten crate, and in to eat their special food and visit the mini litter box. I often find them sleeping in unexpected places and with unexpected cats - their precense is marginally tolerated by some, graciously and even lovingly by others.



~ They run really fast - well, for someone that small at least - and you have to be übercareful where you put your big, heavy human feet.


~ Worth to remember (but easy to forget) is that two tiny kittens can turn a limited area into a pretty messy place in no time at all.



~They are super-kissable and even if they are very very busy most of the time I try to cuddle them as much as possible.


~ Ztina has a bolder personality, Zigne seems to be of a more precatious and contemplating nature. They both play wild and exploring games. They're much more independent than one might think, play and sleep well on each on their own. Even if, obviously, the mum and daughter trio can of S, Z and Z can as easily be found together in a blissful snoozing pile.


Big bonus of the day - look what I got from a sweet blog reader, a little perky drawing of the sisters, isn't it adorable?!

micetti - zigne and ztina

She has really captured their kitten essence and rotund appearance. *Thank you so much, Viridiana, it was such a pleasant surprise* A happy little Tuesday thing indeed.


DahnStarr said...

No comments yet!?! How can people see those cute little faces and not comment! Perhaps they have become overloaded with sweetness by those little faces and they are unable to look away! (I know, silly comment by me but it is late here and I am tired.) Night. :-)

Elephant's Child said...

Absolutely adorable. I would find it hard to do anything but admire their furry beauty.

Kea said...

They are just so precious. *Almost* makes me want to adopt babies.

All mine have been older when adopted, with the boys each being 6 months old--and the youngest I've adopted. So I have no experience with such little ones.

How many more weeks before they start climbing the curtains? LOL.

Maria♥ said...

They are absolutely gorgeous. You visited my blog ages ago and commented about my cream british shorthair, Ollie. Unfortunately my kitten passed away shortly after his first birthday from FIP :(


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