Sunday, January 27, 2019

a shower curtain named bobby

somebody’s watching me, shower curtain 2018 đŸ˜»

A few years ago I saw a fantastic cat shower curtain on Instagram, from Society6.

Yes, I switch between my cross-stitched roses, the birdies and the Marimekko Unikko one (the duckiest shower curtain I gave to charity since I found the Peking duck depiction offensive, simply not the thing I want to look at in the shower. Or anywhere else for that matter).

But strangely enough it has been over 10 years since I had a cat shower curtain. Quelle horreur!

a shower curtain named bobby et al, december 2019

Browsing the Society6 website I found was can only be described as THE perfect one for a knitting, cat-loving, ex-British Shorthair breeder - meet Bobby.

a shower curtain named bobby et al, december 2019

That facial expression of contempt, betrayal and superiority in a delightful blend of smooch-worthiness is an expression well-known for any owner of a blue brit. Well, it's not an expression exclusive to the blue ones I suppose...

a shower curtain named bobby et al, december 2019

I rarely order things from the US anymore, as the Swedish customs have become very diligent in slapping on fees on everything big and small, be it gifts or not. Ie reasonably priced things tend to be very expensive in the end. I don't mind paying a reasonable customs fee of course, but I really mind paying postal fees for the so called service of our despicable postal *service* company PostNord -

which were bad enough when it was owned my the Swedish government alone, the lack of quality then plummeted to new lows when they merged with the Danish government, 40% ownership. And this past year, especially this winter the craziness has reached even lower lows of things disappearing,  being broken, advice notes not being sent or appearing in the app thus being returned to sender, mail being so delayed you end up paying extra fees for bills never reaching you etc etc. The list is endless. The only thing the has gone up is their prices. -

But this was obviously a must. It ended up taking over two months to get here. It should have taken a week. Reaching the Swedish border there was apparently a co-operation between the customs and PostNord, with no information whatsoever until 1,5 months had passed that I had to pay extra. Which I promptly did. And then it took 2 weeks until I got the advice note to pick it up. *Insert rolling eyes galore*

the shower curtain named bobby and friends, january 2019

But the happy smile on my face very time I walk into the bathroom, the urge to caress a shower curtain named Bobby's little soft nose - because yes, the details of the print are so unbelievably clear it looks both knitted as well as furry - and say sorry you had to put on that bobble hat, but you look darn cute in it, all that makes the wait worth it.

I'm not sure it's an ominous sign though, that the cats seem to communicate with Bobby? I do hope it's only admiration and not plotting a hostile feline take-over. If so, please send help.

the shower curtain named bobby and friends, january 2019

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