Saturday, January 05, 2019

welcome 2019

the future is vegan 💚, scented candle from, jan 1, 2019

For the first post of 2019 I planned-ish to be a new, focused I - write about a specific topic only. And it was going to be worklife, since it's the area I will focus on this year. But then a lot of other things nestled themselves in as write-worthy. And as I am I, and proud of it, here goes.

The first thing I did when 2018 turned 2019 was to light the wonderful vegan candle (from, she has a sale on them until Sunday btw), which I'd saved for the occasion, with hopes its amazing sentiment and scent would send its whiffs of sweet kindness and compassion over the whole year (and years to come naturally).

pelle has got a brand new fluffy bed, new year’s 2018-19

The first thing I did for the cats was to give them this plush bed. I would never buy anything this fancy for them myself, but someone gave it away so yes, please. It's so soft, fluffy and pretty I wouldn't say no to getting one for myself to hide and hibernate in actually.

As it would be very nice that they didn't destroy it quickly in their usual manner, I've tucked it away high up in a book shelf. (I'm sneaky like that.) I knew Pelle would love it, and indeed, it took him about 5 seconds before he realised what I was doing. I swear he didn't leave the bed for at least 24 hours. Snoring, purring, cleaning himself, being your average king of the household from high above the rest. He makes his usual inspection tours now, but he always return up there, to his cosy nook.

last books - first books, 2018-19

On New Year's Eve I got a proposition for a possibly new, interesting gig. Yesterday I got my first job interview booked for next week. Even if neither of these potential jobs pan out, that we're not a great match, it's still a good feeling that things are moving in the forward direction. The momentum is on, bring it 2019!

The last job meeting I had in 2018 interesting enough neatly tied in with the very first back in January then. To be honest it was kind of a dream gig, with so much potential and amazing visions. But it all went... well, internally turbulent and nothing I could do but watch and wait. Did I say 2018 was a mad mad year... I'm very very cautiously optimistic about this project now. Which obviously is the huge lesson from last year - I've lowered my expectations on the world and people considerably.

Maybe that will bring more burst of happy surprises than last year's string of misery?

last books - first books, 2018-19

The day my cast was removed, November 1, I stumbled over the fact that one of my favourite writer, Marie Hermanson, had a new book out in pocket. It will forever be the day I removed the plaster/World Vegan Day-book. I'm half way through it, but I obviously consider it the last book of 2018.

The book heap above is what I will start my new year with. And among them are the two latest in the beloved Sunday Philosophy Club-series, by Alexander McCall Smith. Aptly named "The Novel Habits of Happiness" - obviously the book I chose to start the year with!

brilliant vegan tarte flambee aka fancy pizza, jan 1, 2019 đŸŒ±đŸ’š

The first thing I cooked in the new year was this brilliant plantbased tarte flambee (basically a fancy pizza), adapted from the Årstiderna organic vegan food-box recipe. That something as simple as nutritional yeast mixed with oat cream or unsweetened soy cream, add garlic, salt and peppar, can create such a delicious cheesy base spread for dairy-free pizza is nothing short than magic I'd say.

One of my best food discoveries of 2018.

welcome fluffy vegan tote bag (that isn’t a cat bed), marimekko, jan 2019

The last thing I bought in 2018 was a practical coat suitable for future dog walks, since my 10 year old anorak is pretty shabby and full of holes. When it arrived it turned out to be a *bit* more fancy than intended for dog walks. Somehow it's difficult to imagine it full of potential muddy dog paws. Still, pretty, practical and durable. The old anorak has to be creatively mended.

The first thing I've bought in 2019 is this lighweight, fluffy vegan handbag. Because with the ex-broken arm it's sadly really difficult and painful to use the Re-KĂ„nken backpack as it's intended. And as I've been forced to use and burden my right arm more than usually since the left arm isn't fully functional (yet, hopefully) I've developed a painful right elbow and muscles. Thus I wanted a lighter handbag to carry things in than my usual messenger bags that are pretty heavy for the shoulders too.

Hopefully this will do the trick. And no it really isn't another perfect catbed, little mister.

welcome fluffy vegan tote bag (that isn’t a cat bed), marimekko, jan 2019

The average Swede buy 50 pieces of new clothes every year. And most of it obviously isn't organic or sustainably produced. We desperately need to do better. Me included. Last year I got 25 new pieces for the wardrobe, including two pair of shoes. This year I will be much better at walking away. 

lovely vegan breakfast at mahalo sthlm, sweden, jan 2019

First thing I ate out this year was a lovely vegan breakfast at favourite place Mahalo Sthlm, oat latte, the perfect avocado sandwich with pesto and sundried tomato, plus an overnight oats with mango, passionfruit and raspberries that was saved with the Swedish no food waste app Karma.

That was also a new first for the year, the first time I used the app, since I don't live in the inner city and since the vegan options are few and far apart it's basically zero opportunities for me to use it. But still, a brilliant way to fight food waste if you're able to.

pitbullflowerpower calendars 2019 and snoopervisor zigne ❤️

The first thing that arrived in the mail, but ordered a month ago (thank you, Swedish postal *service*), were these wonderful Pitbull FlowerPower calendars by Sophie Gamand. Too cute, and for a good cause of course. I do believe they're so sweet that Zigne approves of them, despite depicting the inferior species called dogs. Read about her work and get yours here.

december ootd selfies, 2018

I've been contemplating a new haircut. Haven't been to the hairdresser for two years now. It's easier than you might think to do a reasonable straight cut yourself, however it's nice to get it professionally done.

Should I get a shoulder length straight cut or not. But I know I always end up feeling a bit lost and not I when I get shorter haircuts. On the other hand, the days of looking like a steel wool hair-ball are slightly more than I'm comfortable with.

No matter good intentions and fabric qualities I always end up looking wrinkly and dishevelled after a day out and about, the same goes for my hair, it has a life of its very own, no matter intentions and great products it always end up looking wild and unruly, never sleek and professional. And I have no patience for products and hair tools that involve a lot of work and time on a regular basis.

I'm grateful that I do have decent hair on my head, and this is obviously a luxuary problem in the big scheme of things. But even those can take up a lot of contemplating time. And a symbolic cut of out with the old, in with the new might be well-needed. The thinking continues I guess...

stockholm, sweden, jan 2019 (norrmalmstorg)

First photo I captured of Stockholm 2019 was a morning with a rather magical light, a golden light full of promise of new beginnings and amazing things to come.

Hope your new year has gotten off on a promising, golden, joyous start too. Let's make this a happy year, we can do it!


Poppy Q said...

Happy New Year Miss Pia. I am glad that your cats liked the new cat bed - Miss Poppy will avoid any I buy. I think you need to buy another one or two for around the house.

It is always hard to know what to do with my own hair. Like yours mine is about the same length and I find it much harder to style if it is much shorter.

Julie and Poppy Q

Lizzy said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed reading about your New Year's firsts! So glad Pelle loves that bed. It's perfect for him!
Now, if only my package will arrive... perhaps in February?

Lizzy said...

(I can spell my name, I promise)

Sienna Smythe said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I will definitely be a great year! Your year seems to have started out well.
My year looks promising as well....I am looking forward to every day!
Remember to enjoy every day... As we age each year seems to pass by quicker and quicker. I Always seem to be at least a month behind in my thoughts.
You look great in the picture you have posted. One comment about the hair. It suits you, but it is a bit wild. A consultation with a stylist might help. Do you feel that it suits your image when you are meeting new clients?

Have a great year!

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