Saturday, January 10, 2015

marimekko unikko shower curtain

marimekko unikko shower curtain

The Marimekko delivery of the other day didn't hold only a lovely dress, it also held a gorgeous shower curtain - the Unikko flower one. This is a true happy pattern! The Unikko flower pattern celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. It was about high time I got me that shower curtain I've been wanting for so long! Sales a fine things for dreams to come true.

I do believe my cross stitched roses show curtain has a competitor in the title The most beautiful shower curtain in the world. I also adore that it's in three perky colours, not only one as the classic red and black (and others) Unikko flowers.

My previous shower curtains - all alive and well still - has been presented by Little Loaf. He sadly didn't live to see this one, but in fact he is in this picture too, of sorts. Because behind the Unikko curtain hides his lilac shrub, under which he rests.

a box of marimekko goodness

Want to see more lovely shower curtains? Then go fort and read about Little Loaf and the birdie shower curtain and The duckiest shower curtain in the world (although with time I've found the Peking duck illustration really awful and I'm thinking of ideas to cover that bit up).

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