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february so far

vegan food at home, february 2019 -

Dear Blog, it has been two years since a cold, so I guess I shouldn't complain that one has graced me with its present again. And since I stuffed myself full of ginger, citrus, chili, garlic and various hot drinks since Tuesday (since I had a meeting on Thursday I really really didn't want to miss) I'm through the worst (touch wood) quicker than usual, hooray!

vegan food at home, february 2019 -

So glad I stumbled over these favourite German ginger herb coughdrops in a health food store last month, I've ate a lot of them this past week, and alongside ginger tea and ginger shots they have worked wonder.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, february 2019 -

How about the rest of February on these latitudes then? Well, the main thing is probably the crazy, capricious winter weather. Global warming certainly has many unpleasant faces and now we've had the scary ice followed by heaps of snow, and then rain. Which turned public transport, roads and streets into havoc for a few days. Buses getting stuck and sliding (and with buses in Stockholm for some mad mad reason not being equipped with winter tires on all tires, you can imagine the scenes...), cars too. The public preparation for this kind of weather, that will only get worse and the new "normal" is very very poor in Stockholm. It shouldn't be a surprise for anyone, but it obviously is.

ootd (marimekko), february 2019

This is the first year I've bought and worn spikes on my boots, and I have to say I don't know how I've managed these past 5-6 winters without them. Brilliant on scary scary ice they are. Unfortunately the ice gripper design lacks a bit, thus I've lost them three times in a couple of weeks, but managed to retrace my steps and found them. Which obviously won't be the case every time it happens, and they're to expensive to keep buying again and again. So I got a pair of better designed heel grippers too. Which are also much easier to remove when your indoors or on snow-free streets.

icebug, february 2019

But most important of all, I did succumbed and got a pair of Swedish Icebug boots (which obviously are designed for Scandinavian weather, that's more than you can say for most shoes and boots designed and made in quite different weather alas...). It's such a pity and nuiscance they *had to* add that suede part on the boots, it serves absolutely no purpose as the boots are perfectly weather proofed without it. And most of their shoes and boots are accidently vegan anyway.

But this was the only model that fitted my needs, and I chose safety over my non-leather values. So many recommendations from friends, and also my physical therapist. Have only worn them a couple of times so far, but they are very comfortable, warm and feels very sturdy on these treacherous streets.

Given the persistent raining these past days though, which has washed away a substantial part of both snow and ice, I'm not sure when I'll desperately need the Icebugs next. Ah well, they're here and at my beckoning when needed.

icebug, february 2019

It was *a bit* of a mess with the delivery company Budbee - which I'd only had great things to say about before - which delivered them though. I followed the delivery in real time and when I saw they had stopped at the parking lot I went out to get the package. But before the driver turned up I got a notification that my package had been delivered. And the only reaction was obviously WTF?! No phone number, but their chat was opened and I was so angry, where were my rather expensive, pre-paid and necessary boots?

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and two women living two streets down also at a number 3 turned up with my package. Which I'm ever so grateful for. Because they could have just as easily been lost or the wrong recipient not been home. (Also I specifically told Budbee not to leave the package outside the door...). It's pretty basic knowledge for a delivery driver to know the maps and be certain s/he delivers to the right address imho.

I'm expecting another package from them next week. I do hope they will do better. *Insert rolling eyes* (Which is probably my most used emoji alas.)

stockholm and suburbs, sweden, february 2019 -

On the subject of annoying things, my new iPhone, which I only got in September/October -

and what a mess that was before we managed to sort out the previous subscription, get the right phone for the right price, iCloud, installing... And it was the week after I broke my arm too. Exhausting it was. And infuriating, I don't think I've written about this before but at a couple of pints I was so angry and the stupidity of it all and my own shortcomings (I'm glad I'm stubborn) that I just screamed and hit things when I put down the phone after talking with the customer "service" -

is acting up. Both the keypad and the camera and other things here and there. It obviously needs fixing, but seriously, most of us have a good portion of our lives in our smartphones and we also need them for our works. How will that work? Of course, I did survive the stolen iphone in 2013... An unwanted digital detox one might say. But one does expect a rather expensive thing to work flawlessly more than 4 months though.

stockholm and suburbs, sweden, february 2019 -

On the subject of work, I did have a pretty great job interview last week. For what seems like a great company with focus on sustainability. Fingers crossed I'll be one of the four that get called to a second interview next week. I felt we were a great match, hope the recruiter felt that too. Though obviously you never know who you are up against of course. What is meant to be will be, as always.

ootd (marimekko), february 2019

Post-interview I. With the obligatory ginger herb cough drop. Accidently all kitted in Marimekko. Or perhaps, dressed for happiness success.

I was also emailed by another great company, within the health and sustainability sector, about a copy project gig. After I had posted about one of their products on Instagram they'd apparently kindly stalked me online and contacted me. That made me very happy. I hope we can agree on the details, it would be such an interesting, fun and special gig.

vegan food at home, february 2019 -

On the topic of health, I've enjoyed eating overnight oats and chia puddings in cafes, but it's not until 2019 I've begun making my own versions. They've all been lovely. And I'll share some suggestions for ingredients in a post of its own to come. And yes, crunchy peanutbutter is a delightful part of it, not to be missed.

vegan food at home, february 2019 -

On food. I've come to realize how convenient and stress-free it is to order online and get home delivery. You can get most of the heavy stuff that's a nuisance to drag along on the bus or schedule a carpooling for, delivered to the door. Which is a relief concidering my arm in rehab as well as the treacherous roads now.

One of the things I've finally had the time to eat via this delivery is the Swedish frozen vegan pizzas from Oumph. Which turned out to be just lovely, the dough is fantastic and the flavour/texture is great. teamed up with a nice salad it's such a treat for dinner.

For you living in the UK, if you haven't tried the plantbased Oumph products yet, you really should asap. You won't be disappointed.

handmade squirrel and acorn necklace, palava, february 2019 (photo nina d)

About the UK. Remember my fabulous budgie skirt? And the grand sausage dog cardigan? I now have a fantastic sheep dress from Palava too. Organic cotton in a snazzy 1950ies model, quite unlike anything else that I have and I was a bit catious in ordering something as fitted as that (never mind measuring carefully and talking with the customer services about the sizes). But it was such a great fit when it arrived!

Haven't taken a photo of it yet, the snow rained away before I had a chance to make a dreamy capture of it, but trust me, cuteness galore. And so perfect with my favourite old applegreen shoes. When spring comes. (Seems awfully far away currently, but I fear it will be as short as last year and another devastatingly hot summer will follow...)

So instead of sheep dress, the above picture is of a sweet handmade necklace from Palava too, which I got on sale. Squirrels and acorn - which is one of my favourite things also in bobbaloo shape - how adorable is that? (Photo taken by a friend.)

maria nila vegan hair colours, february 2019

Something else I got for spring, hair colours. Or specifically vegan colour refreshers from Swedish brand Maria Nila - which has fantastic haircare products I highly recommend, all vegan - hair masques which colour that lasts 4-10 washes. I've been wanting to colour my hair pink or green for years, but I've never felt like bleaching my hair to get that perfectly pink effect. As I've struggle enough to accept the natural greys...

But now I thought maybe those greys can work to my colour advantage. And the worst thing that can happen is that there'll be no real colour visibility but I've only had a good nourishing hair masque. When the woolly hats and caps come off I'll have a go at these bottles.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, february 2019 -

Currently though, life is as much as possible snuggles with these inspirational beings, whose new favourite sleeping arrangements - despite their new luxurious bed - is various versions of this. One corner of the sofa is reluctantly left for me. And many cups of tea and other warm beverages - hello  golden mylk, beetroot latte and vegan hot cocoa with whipped cream and plantbased marshmallows... - while watching TV or reading books.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, february 2019 -

My favourite TV crush right now is the addictive Australian drama "A place to call home". Strong characters, great actors (and stylish costumes). I discovered it by chance on SVT Play before Christmas and was hooked after a couple of episodes. Now watching season four - previous seasons still available on Play in Sweden - I'll be sad when the final season six will have be shown. It gets all thumbs and paws up for well worth watching.

vegan scented candles from - 2019

Oh, February, you've been such an interesting mix of highs and lows and learning experiences so far, let's keep up the good work and make it an epically fabulastic month, okey?

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