Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the duckiest shower curtain in the world


The most beautiful shower curtain in the world demanded relief, thus enter the duckiest shower curtain in the world. Found via Twitter, where someone tweeted about her new awesome shower curtain (see, Twitter is brimming with essential information and grains of gold).


Adorning the duckiest shower curtain are for example;
galen anka = mad duck
ny anka = new duck
fin anka = fine duck
Peking anka = Peking Duck (needless to say, this one I do not approve of)
röd anka = red duck
kall anka (also word play for the Swedish Donald Duck, Kalle Anka) = cold duck
hungrig anka = hungry duck
smutsig anka (behöver bada) = dirty duck (needs a bath)
elak anka = mean duck
badanka = literal "bath duck", but rubber duck it is

It is indeed a fine and perky shower curtain, although having all those ducks staring at you when taking a shower feels... tad wacky ducky.


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