Saturday, February 09, 2008

Afternoon Tea at Ester's


As I've mention a few times before, finding the perfect afternoon tea in Stockholm, if you don't make it yourself, is pretty darn difficult. If the tea is good, then the scones are non-existing (!) - like at Chaikhana the last time, and I must say I wasn't very impressed by neither the service nor the food/tea that time either. A pity. Since it's a more costly place to go, one also likes to get exactly what one pays for... - if they have good scones the tea is average or below.

And if they have whipped cream - I'm no fan of the clotted version so by all means omit that - then they don't have strawberry jam. The jam which I think is THE only jam to have with cream tea. The cucumber sandwiches are rarely to be seen at all, and I think the places serving afternoon tea - or at least claiming they are... - in general are rather preoccupied with offering too much of bread, buns, cakes and cookies instead of making decent scones, sandwiches and serving good quality jam.

Having gotten that off my chest - what a relief - I had a rather pleasant experience of a *new* afternoon place the other day. New as in they haven't been serving afternoon tea for that long, but the place in itself has been around, at that very address, since 1899. And it's reputedly the oldest tea & coffee merchant in Stockholm, namely Ester's The & Kaffehandel (Ester's Tea & Coffeeshop). I've been meaning to stop by for ages, but for various reasons haven't. Until now. And I will definitely return. And not only because I think their website is perfect in all its simplicity, with a lovely picture play and just the right amount of information, only in Swedish though.

It was just really cosy, homely, unpretentious with a charming old-fashion feel to it and a very accomodating, sweet female proprietor. The afternoon tea was lovely, lacked a few details perhaps but very tasty. Even though you had to ask for whipped cream and the strawberry jam was non-existing. But the other jams were nice ones, they had a Swedish touch with a delicious crispbread served with brie - the French twist - and grapes. Best of all, the scones being perfectly scrumptious. The tea of your own choice from the vast selection also for sale.

There are only six-eight tables there, quickly filled that Friday afternoon. I'd imagine it's even worse on weekends. A limited assortment of cakes and buns, but if they were anything like those scones they must be great. The place is closed on Mondays, and afternoon tea is only served from 2 pm Friday and during Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to read my views on a few more or less worth-visiting for afternoon tea places in Stockholm I suggest you click the label "afternoon tea".


Edit - at Ester's we're now known as the ladies who want whipped creams with our afternoon teas. What can I say, remembering such details about guests who don't show up all that regularly (really) is very much thumbs up as far as I'm concerned.

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