Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When the Last Endeavour Did the Trick

Lilacs in my garden

Remember the mind at work? Possibly also the post-interview thoughts - now we've come to chapter (post) three on this particular subject. I hope I can see this as three really very much is a charm, since... yes, I got accepted to the course. So congrats to me (I hope, think?)!

Obviously I did something right at the aforementioned interview, despite lack of sleep, feeling a bit queasy that day, not to mention my flagrant choice of something purple to wear. Well, perhaps that latter choice was actually the metaphorical cherry on the proverbial sundae? Maybe I should even show some well-deserved gratitude towards purple? Possibly even wear that same outfit upcoming Monday, the first day of course (change)?

Although being seen in the same outfit twice in a row, in the same circle of things, isn't that something of a gross misconduct in the outfit realm of life? Mm, better safe than sorry, if I once again choose to go purple it has to be another shady shape of it.

Another highly important question, first day of *school*, is of course which handbag is to accompany me and my possibly shade of purple. Size matters, which excludes some of them, and leaves the race open for Blända (oak/brownish), Tindra (olivegreen), Elvira (orange) or Stina Smitten (blue). Will have to ponder a bit over that. Don't you just love using your little grey ones for such important, life changing matters? This surely must be what makes our world turn around. The choice of handbag du jour.

There will be about 25 of us slightly mature students, from all sorts of academic backgrounds I gather. None than me with a legal one as far as I know, though a few with a stray legal course baggage - which can be rather amusing since there rarely is something as completely confident know-it-all as a person who has done a couple of casual law courses... When I mention this to M, his reply was "well, what's wrong with that, you think you know better, even best than know-it-alls most all the time" - I have absolutely no idea what he meant by that. I guess it was a feeble attempt on wittiness of some sort.

The course will range over a period of about seven months - goodbye summer of 2008 - out of which a third will be out and about as a trainee. It all looks very well on paper, I kind of liked the information-meeting, the teacher seems like a very pleasant guy, there are some really nifty sections of the course I'm so looking forward to dig into, others that I'm not all that keen on. I know it'll be quite mind boggling at first, but I also think it's going to be just great to actually be doing something which hopefully in the end will finally lead to something new and exciting.

To tell the truth I feel sort of as effervescent as I did when I began first grade. Or at least I like to think I was all that drolly as a six year old (back in the stone ages that was), since I thought school was basically a great place to be and do.

Though now, as an all matured and better-than-know-it-all Pia, the most exciting thing with returning to the school bench is quite possibly the prospect of choosing the tip-top purple shaded outfit and a matching perfect handbag for the very first day at the desk. Brand new legal pad, pencils sharpened, brain at work, here I come.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I am also sure that you will pick the perfect handbag. I should have seen this yesterday and got you a congratulatory gift from my online Neiman Marcus makeup order (which final price will be keep a secret from certain husbands ;)

But Saks is having a sale soon if anything strikes you...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! So exciting! Congrats doll! And my vote is Elvira or Stina Smitten... I've always liked Elvira, particularly.

Good luck!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Heather! Oh, you don't have to get me anything, even if that's totally sweet of you:) but I have an idea of an exchange of goodie-bags. I'll e-mail you about my thoughts, ok?

An well, sometimes men are just best kept in the dark about prices on certain necessities, one of those weird and somewhat indisputable facts of life...;)

Thanks, Heidikins! Mm, one of those two it'll probably be, Stina being all new and eager to please, Elvira being very experienced, travelled-around-the-world and all that, a tough choice to make...:)

Anonymous said...

Certainly - goodie-bags are always fun.

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