Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mind At Work

I had planned to write something about how curiousity most certainly didn't kill the cat - at least not when it possessed a healthy amount of self-preservation - but I'll save that for a later day. Instead I'll muse a bit about the fact that I have an interview coming up later this week. Alas, or perhaps not, just for a course that will maybe get me, quite literally, a course change into a newish line of work.

At first, and maybe a bit still, I thought it sounded rather ridiculous that you have to go through all sorts of strange application procedures for a simple course. But on the other hand it is a pretty extensive, intensive, probably expensive (and by the looks of it, hopefully advanced) kind of course. And I'm not paying. So, well, even if I, for me, personally think all this pre-course hullabaloo is a teensy-weensy bit over the top, I suppose it might be justifiable. Of sorts.

Now to the silly part, what to wear. Ah, now we've reached the most important part of the musing. Never mind what to say as far as the interview goes, being oneself gets you a long way, but what to wear, yeah, that's the real braintwister. Or - since that's never a real problem either, figuring out the *right* outfit for that particular interview, meeting, date, party, whatever - I like to think of the pre-interview-rummaging-through-closets more of a rather amusing way to pass some time and let the real issues of life relax in a sunchair, sip a tropical drink, watch the clouds sweep along the blue, blue sky and listen to the waves ripple.

So. Since it is rather uncomfortable to get some of the "chunkier" jackets under the outer garments this time of year, that will narrow the upper part alternatives down. I'm not interested in looking too somber and/or lawyeristic (ha, like that would ever be the case), even fewer alternatives then. Um, I have quite a few jackets - too many some would probably say - but nowadays I am more of a cardigan gal, so should I opt for one lovely skyblue velvet jacket and think *three times a charm* or should I concider one nearly as peachy cardigan?

Perhaps that delightful dotty silk dress that always make me think of Tant Brun (Aunty Brown) or hoots, Rappin' Granny? Well, perhaps not...

Lower part, a suitable skirt of some kind. That will work itself out. Shoes, boots, what will say professional with a twist best; purple, black, red, beige, green, brown, double-dyed. Mm, this is how a highly-developed female mind works at times. The significant life issues very much like to have their tropical day in the sun on a regular basis.

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*Mind at work*


heidikins said...

Ooooh! I want to come rummage through your closet with you! Your wardrobe sounds absolutely delicious!


John said...

Good luck on your interview Pia! I would never presume to suggest what you should wear...even if I could.

: )

Love and luck from America.

Per Stromsjo said...

I'd stay away from the advisory business here (I don't have it and you don't need it:) but I certainly enjoyed reading this! Give my best to Aunty Brown and tell those issues to pour themselves another drink.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, thanks, heidikins, just let me get a bit more organized first and then you're welcome to rummage through it:)

Lots of thanks, both John and Per!

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