Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hurray for Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day, hurray! Although official Swedish calender says "Candlemas" - which seems quite a barbaric tradition that makes me shudder, and thank goodness, it isn't celebrated at all, as far as I know, in this part of the hemisphere nowadays.

However, I sure wouldn't mind a bit more of Groundhog Day celebration instead. Especially since so many of us grump and growl about the weather this time of year - yup, me included when it's one of those bleak, cloudy, dark, depressing day, week, month... Cold fine, snow more than fine, a bit of sunlight a few measly hours a day, or even every other day, yes please. Therefor this must indeed be the perfect time for some celebration of light, spring to come, life to once again emerge from whatever hibernation it has been hiding in.

I had plans of celebrating this festive day with the camera, capturing a few castles, maybe fit in some very limited and wee shopping and round off with a nice meal out plus a movie. However the day has offered nothing but bleak, rain, gloomy skies and for some hours now a tranquil snowfall - and, um, I somehow really couldn't be convinced it was a better option to get out of bed than stay tucked safe and warm under the duvet. Besides there was a lot of important dreaming going on inside my head, wouldn't want to miss out on that.

I unfortunately don't have any adorable groundhog around that wants to come out and foretell the spring - although I'm sure he-she wouldn't have seen its shadow today since it's been all cloudy and that should then mean that winter soon ends. See, I'm a veritable season-teller, and my burrow is my bed. I'm neither small, adorable nor all that furry so I alas seriously doubt anyone would see it fit to rename this day Pia Day. Darn it.

Um, what I do have though, besides this heavenborn gift of predicting the awakening of a brighter season, is a herd of small, quite adorable and yes, very furry creatures a k a henchcats hanging about. What if they could be the poster-being for the day, whilst undersigned made the actual prediction, wouldn't that be an immidiate, unstoppable, immense success?

Sorry, Punxsutawney Phil, you have just been outmanouvred by this gentle, humble, breath-takingly pious foreshadow named Pia including henchcats. Go back to sleep.

Shiny Silhouette cat predicts; cuddle up, in bed remain,
Spring is still far away


Anonymous said...

Happy (Belated) Groundhog Day!


Pia K said...

thanks, heidikins, hope you had a good one!

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