Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post-Interview Thoughts

I know, it's just plain silly to contemplate the what-ifs, should-have-said or not-said post a job interview, I went with my gut feeling, I was me, I have the papers to prove it and that's that. Being you, trying to steer pass any question-shallows, still you never ever know what the person/s sitting in front of you asking those well-thought-through - or, honestly, more often than seldom very less than well-thought-through... - questions, actually thinks or think they've grasped about you and your ability and skills.

But still, when you - from your point of outstanding clarity and insightfullness - think (know!) you've given such a perfect answer - filled with both wisdom, personal knowledge, taking a firm standpoint still hinting a touch of flexibility, and perhaps a dash of wittiness - to a rather dense question... Ah, that afterward feeling should, without a questionmark in sight, be relished.

So, what are my feelings on this morning's interview? I was apparently the only lawyer seeking new challenges - I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing from their point of view, since I completely lack the experience working within this field. However I do have a lot of "free" legal knowledge as well as personal qualities and skills that would most probably be a great advantage in this line of work.

Perhaps they think that I already have my degree and work experiences, I don't come off as desperate - no my life most certainly won't be over if I don't get to attend this course - I should be able to find a job within my realm. But I haven't. And the Swedish labour-market legislation leaves a whole darn lot to be desired, it's rigid, it's trapping, it's gloomy. Not to mention, frankly, wasting a whole lot of taxpayer's money...

When I was finally back on track looking for a job again I, with my background, thought it would be so easy peasy to get one. The ultimate job, at last a newish line of work, doing what I love and do best. Little did I know, the only piece of cake around here is the one you find at a cosy Stockholmian café or possibly being made in the oven of undersigned. Other than that, stick to what your degree says and stop wasting our time with futile applications. Would it hurt you to have a look at my portfolio, to have a chat...?

Back to today's interview, when I, answering the question of what I do in my spare time, began enumerating a few (yes I actually scaled them down) of my interests they were *slightly* taken aback and wondered how I managed to fit all that in. Well, really, while looking for a job that actually pays, I have to fill the rest of my days with things I love to do. Sure I have those days I don't do much but shuffle around the house, but I'm not much of a TV-soap-beer-drinking-scratching-my-rotund-belly-in-the-sofa-kind-of-person, I prefer to at least try and expand my horizons, amplify my intellect, enhance my skills with the spare time I actually have.

Sure, there are a whole lot of things I just can't do at this moment in life, my situation being what it is, but there are also such a plethora of things I can do instead. I think I'm blessed in that way. I don't think I would be able to fully appreciate all those details around us, which I starryeyed frequently promote, if I wasn't in the position I am in now. So I try, when the things I can't do don't get too overwhelming, to think of this as something truly, in the end, positive. With curiousness, a monthly season ticket for the public transportation system, a camera and a few bucks, there's a whole lot to be experienced and conquered out there!

And you know the highly important what-to-wear-to-this-interview-part, rather a waste of pondering-time I'd say. The interviewers probably couldn't care less by the way they dressed themselves... But I did go with a purple tenfold cardigan, and not that skyblue velvet jacket, ah maybe that should have been three's-a-charm, maybe that choice of cardigan was the one thing that totally blew my chances for a course change... Oh, the choices we make.


heidikins said...

Wow... you sound really healthy! I hope something turns up that you will love!


Pia K said...

Thanks, heidikins! Well, sometimes perhaps a bit too healthy for my own *good* some might think...

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