Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Touch of Food (incl recipe)

As I've mentioned before, inspirational kitchen witchery has been put on a low flame for some time now. So when I've pottered around in the kitchen it has mostly been those fail-proof, ol' favourites. Such as this simple, rustic carrot - soya sausage pasta *thing*. Thing as it isn't really a sauce, but it should be served with tagliatelle. I suppose this simple dish doesn't appeal to everyone, it is indeed very straightforward, wholesome and well, earthly one might say.

Grated carrots - lots of it! - minced onion, mushrooms - tinned actually works better than fresh. Fry it in a bit of sunflower oil. Then add soya sausages - yes this is definitely and only a vegetarian dish! - and in the end a few tablespoons of not-cottage-cheese-not-créme-fraiche-but-something-low-fat-in-between-which-I-can't-seem-to-remember-the-English-name-for. Let it get warm, salt and black pepper, voilá, serve with tagliatelle.

071120 006

Saffron beans - um, one of the thing that returned up very quickly on Christmas Eve, even if it wasn't the beans fault I really, really won't be making this dish again. Ever. The first impression definitely lasts in this case...
Delicious veggie wok with halloumi
Creamy broccoli, soya sausage and carrot *thing*
Beetroot/carrot/corn pastasalad with soy nuggets,
nice one!
080212 002
I wish I could say this parsnip & potatoe soup was as delicious as it was easy to make - I can't. It had a very weird and tangy aftertaste, I'm not sure if it was the parsnip, the touch of lemon juice or the generous amount of turmeric that caused it, or the combination of it all. Bottom line, it didn't make for a pleasant soup. Won't make again.

Now, what will it be for dinner today then...

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