Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday


I hope you got your fair share of lenten buns today, being Fat Tuesday which traditionally is the first day for feasting on this typical Swedish lenten bun a k a semla. Read more about the tradition here. Now a very washy tradition, alas, and admittedly I've already lapsed...

Hrm, and I think I also have to admit, for strictly purgatively purposes, I actually had one and a half semla today. One was far from good, and yes I was practically force-feed, for social reasons. The number two - which was a very good one - made me feel *slightly* queasy, and now, no more semla for me this season. Brr.

The good one - which two tiny, adamant silhouette cats also feasted on - was from Gunnarssons Specialkonditori (Gunnarson's Special Confectionary). Perfect in taste and consistency, although a bit silly big in size. Hence the queasyness... Here's an article (only in Swedish) on a semla-try out from last year, where this semla was in first place. Yup, this is serious business in Sweden. Indeed.



John D. said...

How cute! I'm glad little guys got to enjoy. : ) I want to go to Pia's World. : )

Love from America.

Pia K said...

Thanks, John! Well I suppose I could send you a real life semla by mail, though I seriously doubt it would be all that tasty when arriving...:/

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