Sunday, November 02, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Is something I'm in desperate need of after watching the latest Bond movie with the same name. Since it was absolute rubbish and a complete disappointment. I'm no fan of Bond, James Bond (but Connery, Sean Connery, that's another story...) but I did find the previous one to be a great stylish action and Craig to be a very appealing 007. Hence I had quite the expectations for the sequel.

Which unfortunately turned out to be a crap movie - Bond or no Bond - in bad cut with an embarrassingly thin and strained plot, with what must be considered the worst Bond theme tune ever. The only reason for it getting the "+" in the Pia-grade of movies is that I still think Daniel Craig is a snazzy Bond, albeit Dumbo connected. And btw, why doesn't Judi Dench's M have a more interesting collection of necklaces? Definitely a don't-go-see-there-are-millions-of-ways-to-better-spend-money movie, that gets a 1+.

Now, movieing on to a few other films I've watched since last, of varied qualities. And just because some might think I grade movies in a strange and unfamiliar way, this is the Pia-grading scale from turkey - 5; turkey, worthless, 1-, 1, 1+, 2-, 2, 2+, 3-, 3, 3+, 4-, 4, 4+, 5 - obviously I'm not keen on a simple 1-5 scale since I think there can be little values or not that makes a movie worth the "-" or "+" part.

* Agata e tempesta / Agatha and the Storm - a really sweet Italian comedy about love, books, dreams and magic, 3+
* A History of Violence - good plot, good actors, good thriller, 4-
* Cellular - a real nail biter, unusual pot and a race against the clock, 4
* Death at a Funeral - a British comedy about, *surprise* a less than ordinary funeral, a movie that wants so much more than it delivers, a waste of good actors in a movie filled with tired, re-used jokes and cliches, because of a few laughs it gets a 2-
* Death of a president - well made and fascinating movie documentary style about the murder of a president (obviously). Interesting, thought provoking and sad, I'm still not sure if I think the ending is anti-climactic or a good one, a recommended film to watch just the same, 4-
* Duplex - this comedy about finding that one's dream home is very less than dreamy showed great promise, but the last 30 minutes or so including the hired hit man was a bit over the top, 3+
* Election - very entertaining satire about high school elections, 3+
* Flood - a movie in the style of "The Day After Tomorrow", this time about a flood threatening to drown all of London. Slightly predictable but really, really well made, with good actors and a never ending suspense (especially for us who really don't like deep waters), 3+
* Fun with Dick & Jane - I had no real conception about this movie, some sort of comedy with Jim Carrey. Something which can mean either a movie with lots of good laughs or just annoying. I did find it quite funny as well as sad - since the plethora of foreclosures is very current affair - and with a slightly different twist, although perhaps it would have been nice with a less than *cheap* ending... 3+
* Imaginary Heroes - well made drama about a death in a family where everything isn't what it seems, 3+
* Min frus förste älskare / My wife's first lover - Swedish movie about a middle aged couple who have been together for 25 years and suddenly life's turned upside down when he reunites his old rock band from the 70ies and she meets her old lover, now a famous painter. Takes place in Stockholm in autumn, which was like looking out of the window right now, like most movies illogical walks from place A to B - that restaurant isn't situated in that corner and you don't have to walk past that store to get to that gallery and so forth. I know, I'm particular with annoying details like that. A cosy, funny, feelgood movie with good actors that alas came to a slightly sorry ending, 3+
* Music & Lyrics - a sweet, funny, predictable romcom with lots of *cool* 80ies music and *fashion*, admittedly I find it slightly scary that I'm now in the same age group as those completely pathetic women that graduated high school in the 80ies and threw themselves on stage when Hugh Grant as the pop idol of the era sang his old tunes, 3+
* Night at the Museum - was on the other hand, compared to the above mentioned movie, a nice surprise. Cute and funny with a different take, especially for us who has a special soft spot for or fear of things that may or may not come alive at night, 4-
* Piedras - a Spanish drama-comedy about five women and their choice of shoes as a symbol for their chosen or changed paths in life, unusual story, well made, endearing, 4-
* Red Eye - a thriller that started out well, with an interesting twist, but in the last half hour or so became a tame and average thriller, 2+
* Ring 2 - I really don't like the original Japanese versions of the Ring-movies, but the American "The Ring" is one of my favourite movies in the genre, beautifully and scary made I still get goosebumps just thinking of the girl in the well... However the sequel, what can I say but crap, such a complete waste of a good plot, hence Pia-grade can't be anything else than worthless
* Saved! - very entertaining satire about a Christina high school and what happens when you step outside the box of *righteous* thinking and living, 4-
* Shaun of the Dead - I rarely think horror comedies/spoofs work well. This one, about zombies roaming the streets of London, did though. Extremely well, a bit gooey, though very entertaining, 4
* Sin City - I just. Completely. Didn't. Get. This movie and all the good reviews. Pretentious crap and a waste of good actors; worthless
* Spartan - interesting, unusual political thriller although with a silly and badly performed Swedish detail in the ending, 3+
* There Will Be Blood - yes Daniel Day-Lewis is a fantastic actor, but the movie was unbelievably slow and surprisingly boring. I'm completely clueless as to what all the fuss is about, 2.
* In the Valley of Elah - depressing, grey, beige, sad, well played drama with a very simple, ingenious and powerful ending, 3+
* Varannan vecka / Every other week - a Swedish comedy made by some of our most well-known comedians, two of them brothers who also play brothers in the movie, about relationships, life and since one of the brothers works at an advertising agency, many hilarious fake commercials. Easy entertainment with some very good laughs, 4-
* Wild Hogs - a comedy about middle aged suburban biker wannabees and what happens when they ran in to the real deal, good actors and lots of laughs, 3+


Poppy Q said...

I agree with you Pia, sorry to hear the new James Bond movie was rubbish. Sadly I am disappointed in so many movies lately, is it just our age and that we are not surpised at anything any more, or is it all just rubbish?

I think the same about tv too at the moment. I hate Lipstick Jungle, Beverley Hills, Two and a half men etc, etc. Maybe that is why I have read so many books lately.

Your reviews made me smile, keep up the good work.

Webradio said...

James Bond ? Bofff !
Il y a mieux !

Dis, Tu vas souvent au cinéma, dis donc...

Pia K said...

Poppy Q - with age comes a demand for higher quality movies, I'm not sure movies where better before but at least the same stories hadn't been repeated over and over and over again then... I don't go nearly as often to the movies as I used to, mostly DVD and TV actually, and that's just because I demand really great movie experiences if I'm going to pay for an expensive ticket. It's just to darn easy to get a movie funded it seems, there's a whole lot of rubbish out there nowadays (and no I'm no grumpy ol' lady:)

And TV shows, there are some great ones, but I prefer the ones with fewer episodes than the seemingly neverending stories, I often loose interest after season 1-2... But there are some good ones out there, perhaps I should write a post about that too...?

Webradio - oh I know, JB-movies aren't my cup of tea, but the"Casino Royale" was a great action so I had hoped this one would be as good. I used to be a very keen and frequent cinema-goer, but nowadays I watch most of the films on DVD or TV. There are better ways to spend one's money...

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