Friday, November 21, 2008

Cats & Dogs

solbritt og tyson´s killinger 035

The other day I found out that dotty tummy Siri had become an aunt, when her sister Solbritt - translates Sunbrit and it is a proper name in Swedish, even though I've never heard of anyone by that name, more of an apt British Shorthair of sunny disposition name I suppose - had become the proud mother of five in Denmark.

The auntie bit, come to think of it, also includes Viola, in a half sibling way. Viola, the one formerly known as LBC, now mainly an obsessive TV-watcher. Neither Siri nor Viola, for reasons only cats know, couldn't care less, undersigned though am a proud human granny breeder.

I'm not sure how the forecast for this weekend looks - on the other hand, meteorologists is probably the second professional occupation group I trust and respect the least after politicians, so who cares what they might proclaim - it would have been nice to get out and about a bit, but as things look and feel right now I'll be tucked under a blanket fighting a sore throat. If things turn for the better, after loads of C-vitamins and garlic, there might be outdoor adventures including one loaf doggie and a silly meager amount of snow.

~ Have a good weekend ~


Webradio said...

Lovely !
Pia, You have nice pets...

See You later !

Felis said...

they are so sweet!

Poppy Q said...

Pia that is a lovely picture of Malte!!

Pia K said...

Thanks everyone, webradio, Felis and Poppy Q!

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