Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ruby Tuesday


This little rabbit in a red house lives with a few friends in a part of an inner city playground called Blecktornsparken (Tin Tower park) and even though he might enjoy his life in the city there are alas many other pet rabbits who don't. The ones with completely irresponsible and heartless owners who get bored and just dump them. It is quite a problem in certain inner city areas in Stockholm with these poor domesticated pet rabbits who are trying to survive and adapt to the wild life, not to mention proliferating rapidly.

Hence the upper white sign on the rabbit's door that reads - We can't take care of your rabbits! Rabbits who are dumped here will be put down!/The staff


Even if far too many Stockholmian pet rabbit owners lack a lot when it comes to compassion, responsibility and a caring nature, others seem to have an overabundance of thoughtfulness. Someone thought this sculpture in the south parts of the inner city might be cold, giving it red leg- as well as colourful wrist warmers. I'm sure it made a lot of good on that particularly cold and gloomy day when we walked by.


On days with more pleasant weather the city is still very much worth exploring and even this late in the year one can spot tourist coaches here and there. Here's a Russian one - and if you look closely you might notice that there's a reflection one this bus' side, the Stockholm public transportation bus which is also red.


Yes, days with good weather are perfect for playing a bit of tourist in your own city exploring both old and new places of wild strawberries. Might I suggest sporting a red outer garment while doing that, since it of course heightens the experience.

~ Have a good Ruby Tuesday ~
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Juliana RW said...

great choice for ruby tuesday

Mine Ruby post in HERE. Hope you have time to visit. Thanks.

Melli said...

What great shots! I LOVE the knee warmers! Very cute!

Webradio said...

Great shots, Pia !

Olga said...

very cool pictures! I especially like the door and the red coat.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Nordic weather aside, it all looks so pretty from here!

I love the bunny shot!

(I used to have a bunny... but it went to live na farm at one point.... a real farm away from my dogs and cars and such.)

I love playing tourist in my own city... takes all the pressure off of having toknow stuff :)

FCP said...

Love the leg warmers! Nice shots.

Pia K said...

picturing of life - thanks for coming by.

Melli - thanks! Yes that knitted stuff for the sculpture was a cute find, nice detail to stumble over.

Thanks, webradio!

Olga - thanks!

Kay - thanks:) I had a bunny too, when I was a child, loved and cared for every minute of its life in our home though (rescued from a not so caring neighbour). I love to travel, but I know what you mean, being a tourist in familiar surroundings can sure be relaxing in a completely different way than exploring unfamiliar places.

Faye - thanks!

Felisol said...

Hi, Pia k,
i like the way you present the unknown Stockholm. Very inviting.
Red bus reflected in red bus, ingenious.
Women in red definitely are more interesting, I agree.
From Felisol

Maria's Space said...

Interesting shots. The leg warmers on the interesting statue are too funny.

Ralph said...

Well, the red leg warmers are a bit garish. The reds coach is eye catching, but wearing red does complete the ruby outerwear. And a delightful day in the city.

MyMaracas said...

Your photos are a fascinating glimpse into your country. It is sad to think of the rabbits being neglected. They are such gentle and innocent creatures.

I love the red bus!

Nora said...

Great post for tuesday...I love the rabbit in the house..thanks for visiting me...we have the same problem with people dumping rabbits at our university here and now the university has become famous for the rabbits and they can't advertise that they will put them down....cheers.

Pia K said...

Felisol - thanks! I think wearing read (or other fun colours) make us happy, or for that matter seeing people who "dare" to wear such colours. Myself I love having colours in life and garments, and ot only for RT days:)

onangelwings - thanks for stopping by.

Ralph - thanks! What would we do without the colour red.

mymaracas - thanks, I like details both at home and when travelling, apart from blogging in general, RT is such a nice way of both taking notice of red stuff as well as showing one's city:)

Yes, the destiny of those poor rabbits are sad indeed, I hate it that so many people have such little respect for other beings.

island rambles - thanks!
Ah, what's wrong with people, why do they even consider getting a rabbit, or any other animal, when they obviously can't treat it with love and care...

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