Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ruby Tuesday


As usual I can't let just one photo speak red on Ruby Tuesday - and for those who're not too fond of looking at Swedish/Stockholm pictures, you're welcome to hop on one of the (in)famous in parts red Finland cruise ferries with frequent departures to and from Stockholm - Helsinki. But of course I recommend you stay put...


...because in Stockholm you might enjoy walking the read carpet for a visit a the city's smallest theatre, Teater Dur & Moll - Theatre Major & Minor.


Or if you're more leaning towards the outdoors, take a stroll or brisk walk around the pretty Djurgården area, not only a beautiful and lush oasis but also one of the VP districts of residential areas in Stockholm. Where you'll find some of the houses in very nice ruby nuances.


You might like to feed the birds, when the pretty red bird feeders lack of interesting birdie content. And after all this walking around the city...


... I think you deserve a lovely afternoon tea with delicious scones served in a basket with red chequered cloth at Ester's Tea & Coffeeshop. Enjoy ~

More Ruby Tuesday participants can be found here


Felisol said...

Hi, Pia K,
As always I enjoy your original Stockholm prospects.
As I like going by boat, I think I'd jump on board the ferry, and get a peak of Finland too. Alas, never was there either.
From Felisol

Ralph said...

The beautiful estate house looks stately in red. As does the birdhouse, the perfect color for either abode.

The scone look great - served very warm with a small bit ow whipped cream in one, and red strawberry jam in the other, with a strong coffee on the side. Many years ago, my parents went to Stockholm, and spoke well of it. I have not been, but your views make it an inviting for a visit (someday)!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I enjoyed my visit in Stockholm. Thanks. ;-)

Titania said...

A delightful post; love to travel to Finland, own the villa in red and the little red birdhouse and wish I were there for tea and scones. Have a nice week, Pia.

~Just Me~ said...

Beautiful shots....love the house, beautiful color.

Anonymous said...

The little red bird house is looking good in red :)
Happy Ruby Tuesday!!

Robin said...

What a lovely stroll around your beautiful city.

Webradio said...

Hello Pia !
Your Stockholm prospects are vey nice, with beautiful photos...
Have a good day.

tr3nta said...

The first and 2nd shots are great... :-)

Dianne said...

I'm so glad you don't post just one photo!

These are all delightful.

Several of them, especially the theater, might be great for Sepia Scenes too - with little tweaking.

Thanks for sharing your town :)

Anonymous said...

I love all your red captures!


Mojo said...

I love the shot of the ship/ferry in the first photo, but I think my very favorite is the tree in front of the estate. I'd love to see a close crop on that branch with the cluster of apples(?) against that flawless blue sky!

Nicely done. Thanks for the tour!

Pia K said...

Felisol - thanks. Helsinki is a very pretty city too, with lots to see, experience, eat and shop, I don't think you'll regret catching a glimpse of that city also:)

Ralph - thanks for stopping by with a ncie comment. I love to have cream tea now and then, it's sadly not a common thing in Stockholm but at this place the proprietor remembers I want a dollop of whipped cream with my scones and with strawberry jam that makes for a delightful yummy round off to the afternoon tea...:)

your eg tour guide - I'm glad to be of service and thanks for stopping by:)

Thanks, Titania, your visits are always much appreciated:)

~just me~ - thanks for stopping by, I agree that house has a very special colour.

napaboaniya - thanks for visiting, yes it's a pretty wee house, isn't it:)

Robin - thanks!

Thanks, webradio, for stopping by with a nice comment, hope your day will be a good one too.

Thanks, tr3nta, my personal favourite of these is the first one, on the other hand I do like my afternoon tea...:)

Dianne - thanks! I like to make a little ruby tour of it, but at the same time it's nice to make something "new", so who knows what will turn up in future RT posts...:)

Thanks, Paz, for your appreciative words!

mojo - thanks. Sorry no red berries against blue skies this time around, for a bit of extra blue skies - since I'm very fond of them - I suggest you have a look at these posts for example...:) -

Jan said...

What a fun Ruby tour.

Elizabeth said...

What a super blue sky and lovely t see buildings in Stockholm.
What a great eye you have.

marLou said...

I luv the birdhouse the best in its simplicity. Everything is splendid!

splummer said...

Great Photos for Ruby Tuesday! Thanks for the tour of Sweden, well part of it anyway. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


Norm said...

beautiful set of Ruby photos, all are wonderful especially the first picture...

Pia K said...

Jan - glad you liked it.

Elizabeth - thanks for a sweet comment.

Marlou - thanks for stopping by leaving a nice comment.

Sherrie - thanks for coming by, glad you enoyed my wee part of Sweden!

Norm - thanks for the appreciative words.

me ann my camera said...

The red carpet is my favourite, it includes a touch of elegance!

Pia K said...

me ann my camera - indeed it does, thanks for stopping by:)

maryt/theteach said...

Beautiful, effective shots, pia! Thanks for participating! I apologize for being so late with a comment! Happy Thanksgiving!

Pia K said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary, better late than never - and of course thanks for hosting:)

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