Thursday, July 01, 2010

miss july


It is now time for calendar girl Miss July to hang on the walls of this municipality's inhabitants.

The July winning photo showing one of the fine local waterholes we can enjoy here in the summertime.

Three cheers for a Happy July ~


Kea said...

Happy July to you too!

Here in Canada July 1st is Canada Day, celebrating the birth of our country 143 years ago, in 1867. So it's a holiday, with much partying, fireworks, concerts, etc. :-)

raining sheep said...

Happy July 1 to you. It is Canada day here in Canada and we celebrate with parades and fireworks. I love the image.

Titania said...

Hi Pia, the first July is really winter here, sometimes it is a bit dreary and a piece of chocolate is well appreciated, mine just a very good milk chocolate. Love the beautiful summer bouquet. The bee locket is really cute and speaks to me too because we always were keeping a few hives. Now we still have two hives of the native bee Trigona carbonaria, tiny and stingless. Enjoyed your posts, a good start to begin the day. T.

Pia K said...

thanks, kea, i hope you had a good national day!

and thank you, rainingsheep, hope you had a fine day too!

as always, sweet and thoughtful comments, trudi, thank you:) oh it's weird to think that july, that's just SO very summer can actually be a winter-month somewhere...!

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