Wednesday, October 28, 2015

autumn circus nails

It's been ages since I did the circus nails thing, so the other week it was about high time for an autumn version. 

From left to right:
Essie Snap happy
OPI The IT colour
Essie Chocolate cakes
Essie Vested invested
OPI Big apple red

Unfortunately most of the colours chipped after only a day (apart from the IT colour, it never chipped). Especially Chocolate cakes is of really poor quality, it has chipped pretty much instantly (yes nails are clean and I use a top coat). 

It's interesting how a brand like Essie (which I never buy anymore, due to their shady business with animal testing, only using up the rather *hrm* extensive collection I already have), known to be of good quality sometimes have specific colours that are of really poor quality. My experience has been the same with some of OPI's colours.

What's your favourite nailpolish brand? And why?

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