Wednesday, October 07, 2015

how i learnt to love rooibos tea

Once upon a time I couldn't stand rooibos teas, I found the taste really off-putting. But then I tried it flavoured with fruit and berries or vanilla and found it was rather nice. And then I bought the tin to the left at Berlin department store KaDeWe in 2010 - rooibos raspberry vanilla - and I simply loved the round, distinct flavour. 

After that I slowly began choosing flavoured rooibos over black teas and found several new favourites. And these days it's pretty much always rooibos for me. Even without additional flavour sometimes. Now I love how you never have to deal with theine or tannin, unlike black and green teas the rooibos tea is always round and kind.

Unfortunately the tea flavour that made me love rooibos isn't sold by KaDeWe anymore, and the caramel cream I got last summer there isn't as good. But that doesn't matter much, I have so many other rooibos favourites now. And continue to discover more. Will forever be grateful for that raspberry-vanilla tin.

What's your favourite rooibos tea?

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