Tuesday, October 06, 2015

the blue-white keepcup

Who says you can't have more than one keepcup? It may have been a slightly impulsive move to buy another one with my tasty oat latte, despite having this awesome red-pink one, but that doesn't mean it was a bad one.

Because a) the large red-pink one is perfect for a large soy latte at Espresso House - I'm sure you could use it at any other coffee place too, despite the logo, but for me that's the only coffee chain / cafe where I know they can handle soy milk and always make a great latte with it.

b) the blue-white is medium sized and perfect for the oat latte I always get at just that place, Johan & Nyström - which apparently has been named Sweden's Best Cafe 2014 by Whiteguide and also Second best cafe in Europe by Alegra Awards. Not sure if I agree, because my kind of best cafes need to have reliable excellent service and always friendly staff (no matter if the guest is concidered to be of the *right* sort) plus be very much more cosy and quirky and less posh hipster. That said I do enjoy their oat latte, buy their teas often and is a rather frequent guest on my way to and from the train. So yes, I do recommend the place and enjoy lots of what they offer, but from that to The Best it's a long way to go...

Now I simply have to remember which way I'll take on a particular day so I bring the right keepcup, for the right coffee.

And yes, I find the blue-white colour combination rather dull - especially as Espresso House has lovely new, perky colours in their keepcups - but for some reason that's the only colour they have. However as they have a cafe in Helsinki now too the colour combo is very Finland befitting so that might be the reason. 

I do know that I'll not forget to bring this new keepcup with me to Helsinki when we got there in November. Can't wait! Even if the cup itself isn't the major reason for my excitement, believe it or not.

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