Tuesday, October 20, 2015

the october books

Meet the latest little book batch - as if I needed one some might say. But I had just finished my last book in the Sunday Philosophy Club-book series, remembered how much I love it (but never finished it at the time due to the lost reading mojo) I decided to get the rest of the series. Which turned out to be the very reasonable number of only three.

And even if the predictable, weight-obsessing chiclit genre isn't my cup of tea in general, I really enjoyed an old Jenny Colgan book recently (freebie from a magazine in 2002). Laughed a lot over the clever writing. So I got this one too, just to see if I would enjoy any of her newer books. As it happens this one has just been translated into Swedish, I know the publisher, but I'm usually not interested in reading English books in Swedish so I went for the original version.

And then the bittersweet little book about Edward the hamster. I think I have to really braze myself before I read it...

Currently I am however reading Marian Keyes latest, bought it to get it signed at that lovely breakfast last week, alongside a couple of other old ones. But I'm quite smitten by "The woman who stole my life", it's quite delightful.

It has indeed been a good reading autumn so far

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