Saturday, October 31, 2015

little halloween cupcakes

To be honest (and repeating myself) I'n not really a fan of cupcakes. Too sweet in general and I hate frosting - much prefer a tasty fruit or chocolate muffin.

But I tasted these adorable miniature cupcakes at an event last week, with Halloween topping, and I thought they were smashing.

Needless to say (for the above reasons) I don't frequent Cupcake Stockholm ( that often, but I decided now was the time.

Perfect bobbaloo treats! My favourite by far from these is the chocolate almond paste with chocolate ganache (one plain and one with a skull in the pic).

And the fact that they are miniatures is fab. I'm not much for oversized pastry - unless it's very easy to cut in pieces for several to share. Even the regular sized ones at this bakery are quite small. And they aren't overly sweet (only in looks).

This one is the (only) vegan cupcake they have. Of course I had to try it. Chocolate - espresso with cookie crumbs. Alas I found it a bit dry and the frosting far to buttery. 

But perhaps that was because I didn't squint enough or used my olfactory senses properly when I ate it? I should obviously follow the lead of the cats more often for a more satisfying life and eating experiences.

Even when it comes to tiny cupcakes.

Happy halloween ~

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