Thursday, October 15, 2015

meet the winner of a snazzy instagram competition

One of my favourite shops in Stockholm held a competition on Instagram recently, the mission was to take a photo (or more) of their clothes with or without yourself in them. I really enjoy competitions were you actually have to produce something yourself, and I hate the uninventive, brainless "share this and tag your friends"-kind of social media competitions. But as much as I enjoy the first one I rarely enter them. For me it really has to be something special and easy to relate to. Like this one.

I have to admit I instantly thought of at least two scenarios, but as we all now three is a number that is magic. As are colours and cats. Which, surprisingly enough, isn't necessarily a recipe for a win.

Still, I was true to myself as well as the brief and stuck to that. Entered three pictures I was pleased about - and obviously had pawsome help from the felines who got all excited in various degrees.

Today the winners would be revealed at 5 pm. In the shop, on Instagram and on Facebook.

(not one of the photos I entered, but taken at the same time as that one)

5.01 pm I scrolled my Instagram feed and saw my picture and yes, huzzah I won first prize! Apart from a nice gift card, discount on a garment of choice the pictures will be on display in the shop.

What a lovely lovely icing on the cake - of a day that was overall quite a sweet one in itself - and a pre-birthday gift.

Now I think I have to go and treat the quadruples to some special food and kisses, because really, I couldn't have done it without them. Below the winning photo (and no, miraculously no stockings were harmed in the taking of this photo).


Elephant's Child said...

Fun photo.

Poppy Q said...

Your photos are so cute miss pia - well done on your win.

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