Friday, October 16, 2015

meet cute: marian keyes and gudrun sjödén

Despite the fact that I had to rise way early at 5.30 already and take the train in morning rush hour - two of my absolute pet peeves I'm so grateful I can avoid most days as my own boss - I had a delightful morning in the company of this lovely lady, author Marian Keyes. 

Of course I was not alone in the Gudrun Sjödén shop for this breakfast talk. It was jampacked with mostly female fans in various ages.

We were also treated to a nice organic, vegetarian breakfast pre-talk. 

To be honest I'm not a great fan of her books (chiclit and all, even if it certainly is better than most things in the genre), but I have read some and I have even more in the bookshelf (thrifted), and enjoyed a few - if not the last one I read... 

That said I think it was such a lovely initiative by designer Gudrun Sjödén and I got a couple of the free and limited tickets. And as soon as Marian Keyes opened her mouth - and I saw her gorgeous shoes! Look I even managed to snap me a special shoe per diem moment - I think she was darling. And hilarious. She talked a lot about her love for Sweden, in the most entertaining way, and of course her penmanship. And a lot more - apparently there's an Irish saying 'why settle for 1 word when 20 will do'. Or maybe that's a Keyes saying.

When Gudrun herself - who according to Keyes 'makes clothes for women who actually eat food' (which is possibly THE best description of a design I've ever heard) - surprised is with a visit, Marian got super-excited and was totally starstrucked. Meet cute alert.

Yes it was a really lovely morning with lots of laughter. And for once I did managed to get a couple of books signed, since the queue to do so wasn't too long. I just wish I had asked where she got her gorgeous blue shoes.

The very colour coordinated Ms Keyes - in Gudrun clothes - will be a guest at the Skavlan talk show this evening - which I never watch because I can't stand the host, but this evening I obviously have to - and yes, she loves the name Pia.

And then I will continue to read her latest book 'The woman who stole my life'.

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Anita said...

Oh, I so wish I could have gone! That looks like just my kind of thing. I love Gudrun Sjoden and have some of her clothes, and although I've not read any Marian Keyes, she pops up on TV in the UK now and again and is always very funny.
You know, you could always tweet her to ask where she got her shoes...

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