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bold by nature and other march snippets

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

The month of March has had a flying start - on the first I got a call back for a second interview already. It took place mid week and it felt great, so even more fingers crossed for a third one. Of course, like most always, afterwards the brain starts questioning should I have talked less about this, more about that, been more this, less that. Which is obviously a waste of energy, what is meant to be will be and I went to the interview with hope and good, honest intentions. And yes, it still sounds like a great position where we could thrive and grow together. Will know more late next week.

liljevalchs vårsalong 2019, march 4 -

The Liljevalchs spring art salon was a disappointment this year alas. Looking back at the photos I snapped I see there were some lovely pieces, like this monkey and chicken painting. But the overall impression was a lot, to put it mildly, naive art. Or not so mildly, toddler's daub. In other words, a vast difference from last years wonderful, high quality and very varied exhibition.

liljevalchs vårsalong 2019, march 4 -

These guys weren't impressed either. A sad void of good places to watch and pose, when you're tiny. I think the best thing about the visit was that I inaugurated my Palava sheep o'hoy dress.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Hello there. Although no full length mirrors to be seen, so even though it really really deserved a proper sort of glamourous selfie there was only a toilet mirror available. Sorry, sheep dress, there will never be a chance for a new inauguraton day photo, but hopefully we will have many fun and sort of glamourous days together from here on anyway.

vegan burger and sweet potato fries, mahalo stockholm, sweden, march 4, 2019

Afterwards we had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries at favourite place Mahalo, that never disappoints.

tiny angels in stockholm, sweden, march 6, 2019

The weather continue to be scary. Lots of snow one day, heavy rain the next, -10 degrees C one day, +5 the next. Which obviously have led to icy streets here and there. I hope it will only rain from here on. And that the temperatures can keep around zero C. Climate change in your every day life is incredibly energy draining.

Not really visible in this picture, but the snow is falling again, the winds are icy and on the ground of this cemetery are patches of tiny, yellow flowers sprung and eagerly waiting for spring to come and stay.

sunrise, stockholm suburbs, sweden, march 6, 2019

I was up way too early for comfort, basically half asleep still, for a breakfast seminar on inbound marketing (it was great and unpretentious) earlier this week, when this gorgeous sunrise appeared. The way my house and garden are built I never get to see these amazing sunrises or sunsets when I'm home. So it's a rare treat when the weather conditions are perfect and I happen to be in the right place.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Something else extraordinary happened this week too. I found a pair of trousers that actually look half decent and are wearable. For most of you that sounds pretty trite I suspect. But if you haven't found any trousers that fit for the last 10 or so years, I can assure you it's close to a miracle.

Since my early twenties I've always preferred skirts and dresses, for so many years I've found trousers to be very limiting and unflattering and skirts/dresses liberating. Now and then I still wore the odd pair of trousers back then. But with age the body changes and to be honest, when you find you look like a tall version of the Astrid Lindgren character Karlsson-on-the-Roof, when you still live in hope and sometimes actually go into a changing room to try them on, that's just dispiriting and not empowering at all. Unlike the magic that happens when you try on a really great dress.

But then something miraculous happen when I put this pair on, I'd never ever contemplating trying this type of model on before. I'm not sure what changed my mind. But I'm really glad I did. They were on sale and I wish I'd gotten a second pair, but they're all sold out now. And I have to be grateful I at least got one pair. Maybe they'll produce the same model for autumn again.

The blouse is from Marimekko. It's a tricky model to match so I'm happy to see it actually goes well with the trousers.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

On the subject of Marimekko. And clothes. (Of which we should all buy less, even if it's sustainably made, of course. Not quite there yet. Obviously. Work in progress.) As is pretty obvious by now I adore their designs, patterns and colours, especially the Unikko flower (over the years, hello dresses, pencils, notepads, shower curtain, umbrellas, bag, vest, once upon a time iPhone cover, sneakers, anorak...).

And trying the dress visible in the top photo on the other day I was rather smitten. Even though I would have preferred brighter colours it's not like anything else I have in my wardrobe and I've found it's the type of model that fits me. Today there was a little fashion event in store which I attended and after trying it on again, and again getting so many compliments for it it's a bit embarrassing, but also empowering, I decided to get it. The dress is a blend of bold, classy and playful and will look great with red shoes and accessories/red lipstick.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

Given the fact a lot of guests tried the pattern on in various models, I fear there will be a lot of women clad in navy blue Unikko pattern-clothes strolling the streets of Stockholm this spring through. Or maybe it will be a happy change from all the drab, black clad people of Sweden. The new flower power army hits the streets. Oh the joy.

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of a sales girl and a customer wearing the same Unikko kaftan dress, aren't they adorable? The Marimekko theme for spring and summer is Bold by nature. A statement which naturally appeals to me, not sure how bold the average Swede will be though, mixing patterns and colours like this.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

But it does look great, so I hope I'm wrong in my assumptions of un-boldness.

The pretty flower cookies on Marimekko offer were vegan and natural superfood cookies, another tick in the Pia boxes of approval.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

For Fat Tuesday this year I neither bought a dairyfree semla at a bakery, nor baked my own. Instead I bought ready made semla buns at the grocery store, and they were of a surprisingly lovely quality, whipped soy cream and made my own almond paste. Then assembled them and sprinkled powder sugar on top. They turned out really very tasty.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

And so thought the cats and their tiny tongues too. I love how they also embrace plantbased milks and cream. Dairy is scary. Cow's milk is for baby cows. And that's that.

On the subject of that, this weekend I'll most likely attend a vegan forum, with various interesting and important talks. And then I'm all set for another exciting March week. Have lot of great things and workshops booked for the evenings so it will be a busy one.

Cheers and thanks, March, keep on bringing the good stuff!

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

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Beth Waltz said...

So much pattern! So much color! All good content for the mind and eye, and the trousers fitting is definitely an auspicious omen!

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