Monday, September 29, 2008

Castle Spotting - Eilean Donan, Scotland


This castle on its small island by the Kyle of Lochalsh isn't a favourite of mine due to its aesthetical merits - since frankly it is a a chunky heap of grey and dull looking fortress and not very pretty or fairytailish looking.


Nor is it a favourite because it's situated in a secret hideout remote from *civilisation*, residential areas and hoards of tourists - because it really, sadly isn't. Even though a plethora of picturesque pictures and tourist brochures might make it seem that way.


The reasons, my reasons, are the way its name has such an appealing, smooth ring to it, the way it swirls like silky icecream in the mouth. The way its backdrop, that works well in any season and in certain angles, is simply gorgeously scenic and how it all comes together and epitomize the quintessence of Scotland.


Hence I clearly heart Eilean Donan, so much in fact that I think about this castle practically every day. Not in an oddball, castle buff nerdy way, but every time I find myself with a lapful of furry apple of my heart Eulalia. This one portion of creamy delight has a surname that swirls like silky, smooth ice cream and is a distill of Scotland.

Scotland July 2008

For more information on the castle, its history and interesting details and quirks go to its website


Titania said...

A great series of pictures and comment. I have never been to Scotland but I can see your admiration and love for it. This solid, dark looking castle, brooding in a beautiful countryside I can see as "the seat of the McLeans clan, fiery scots" people solid like their castle! Pia is this castle still inhabited? All the photos have beautiful details. Great post.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania! Oh I'm smitten, completely with Scotland, have been for as long as I can remember, it feels like home away from home in a very strange way.

I have read somewhere that there is one person still living in this castle, don't know if that's true or whom it might be then, since the castle is own by a trust and open to public...

Adrian said...

wow you are really drawn into the photo of the castle, a great photo a very well shot.


Pia K said...

Thanks, Adrian, for those kind words!

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