Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Loafing


Cat - Oh, this is The Way to spend a Sunday, me and my friend loafing on a blanket taking it easy, enjoying each other's company. Loveliness on a furry blanket.

Dog - How I wish she could go spend Sunday somewhere else. I know I'm The Dude Loaf Doggie Extraordinaire to be seen with, but really she is quite a nuisance. Hanging around, constantly wanting to get all cuddly and cosy, sharing this, sharing that, I don't want to spend Sunday on a blanket with this redhead, I want to spend blanket time all by my extraordinary self.


Cat - Oh look, great, I just knew human would run for the camera, we're so totally right here together Redhead and Loaf Doggie in perfect harmony, I think we look smashing, right Loafie?

Dog - Finally, human to rescue, remove this cat from my blanket. Please.


Cat - So, enough of this posing now, I want to continue the Sunday loafing, me and my bestest friend got loads of cuddly cosy hours left on this blanket. Away with you, human, leave us alone.

Dog - What, wait, hello, cat is still here, take her with you! Human is infinitely more stupid than I thought, clearly a serious case of chickens missing in the hen house. I'm just so very tired of this, me being used and abused by both cats and human, this household obviously suffers from a grand disillusion regarding who's in charge. What's next, no more squeaker toys?


Titania said...

Great post Pia; I love the dialogue
between cat and dog. The pictures in black and white are sweet and give it a certain
flair of Alice in Wonderland!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania, and what a nice way of putting it, Alice in Wonderland flair:)

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