Monday, September 22, 2008

The Little House On Skye

Isle of Skye

The first time we went to Skye was in the early 1990ies, that time around I did find the narrow one-car-at-a-time-roads quaint but also a bit tiresome and the vast, beautiful and relaxing landscape, overwhelmingly desolate giving me a distinct feeling of cabin fever.

The photo above I took back then - way before the age of DSLR, hence the scanned photo quality - with this little white house situated in the middle of nowhere by a loch on Skye truly symbolizes the place. I enlarged, framed and hanged the photo on my living room wall when I got back home. I look at it almost every day and over the years I've noticed that I no longer fear that desolate feeling as much, I even kind of long for it. Perhaps not all the time, but the idea of teleportation to that lonely, white, little house on Skye and back does rather often sound more than appealing.

The potential of getting life perspective, the endless views, the mind cleansing, breath-in-breath-out-relax room, the not having to deal with modern society and, honestly, stupid people, strike a certain alluring cord... Me, cats, dog, handbags, books, means of writing and communicate, invited guests only, now that do sound quite lovely.

Lovely is also the fact that many years later, the little house on Skye revisited, very little seem to have changed.


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