Thursday, September 04, 2008

LBC Turns One

070905 115

It's just unbelievably rude and utterly inexcusable to forget one LBC Viola's birthday, as it happens my very first one at that. And yet, someone did, yesterday, September 3 2008, even if she claims not to, she just must have since I didn't get any treats whatsoever, believe it or not.

No special LBC birthday food, no special LBC toy, no special LBC princess treatment, just stupid kisses and cuddles and I don't like those. They mess up my fur and they are sticky-icky, annoying stuff I try my best to avoid as much as possible. I want edible treats and fun toys, and if I don't get any such suitable thingies today I will be so. Very. Very. Disappointed. And that's not acceptable. At. All.



Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings!


Pia K said...

Viola says thank you:)

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