Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On The Road - Öregrund


This season's last Toy Car outing was held some weeks ago, we drove with friends to the little town of Öregrund. A well-preserved small town by the Baltic sea with many, many quaint and colourful wooden houses. Immensely more picturesque than I thought, despite having kitten buyers who live there I haven't really seen the town. The town was founded in the late 15th century and during the late 19th century it was a very popular spa.


Now the de jure population is around 1600, with a twofold increase during the summer months. Pre- and post tourist season it feels quite deserted, but in a beautiful, well-kept way. The small town, or rather conurbation, lies about 180 km north of Stockholm.


The roads north of Norrtälje aren't too good but they are on the other hand quite scenic, rural and with old, picturesque ironworks towns. There's a bus service from Stockholm to Öregrund, but somehow I think it's far more worth it if you can have a hop on-hop off experience in your own car.


The only negative with this last Toy Car outing was that I had apparently grossly misjudged the weather. It still felt summery when we got in the car at home, it was very less than summer when we got further north and I'm just so grateful I didn't catch a nasty cold *touch wood* with that light summer wear I had on. Silly me or rather, stupid weather.


Apparently there's also a cake buffet at the pretty hotel Flora, I bow my head in shame - we completely missed that... On the other hand I had a very, very good vegetarian pasta which the chef whipped together just for me. Surprisingly good and it came with a splendid view.

Here are a few colourful glimpses of Öregrund, more can as ususal be seen in the Flickr album -


Holler said...

Lovely photos Pia!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Holler!

Per Stromsjo said...

Reminds me of my "Ö" trip a few years back. Via Östhammar and Öregrund to Örskär with a lighthouse and lots of flies.

Titania said...

I had just a lovely outing. Admired all the beautiful houses and scenery, lunch was nice too but missed afternoon tea. The photo tour was lovely. Thank you Pia.

Pia K said...

There's a lot of good in "Ö", Per, I'm fond of our beloved Å, Ä and Ö.

Thanks, Titania, glad to be of outing-service:)

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