Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Castle Spotting in Denmark - Vallö


As I've mentioned before being a castle buff doesn't necessarily mean one finds the interior of every castle being very interesting. Nor does it mean paying a ridiculous price for entrance to the castle garden is appealing. So whenever there's a castle garden that has either a free entrance or a reasonable price set for it I couldn't be buff happier.


This past summer I was fortunate to not only meet old castle friends in England and Scotland, I also made some new friends both on the British isles as well as in Denmark. One of the castle we spotted this in Denmark this time was the pretty as well as quite impressive Vallö castle with moat and a vast (free entrance every day from 8 in the morning until sunset) garden.


The location of the castle is about one mile outside the town of Köge in Danish Zealand, and it's situated in a picturesque village with breathtaking landscape views pretty much wherever you look. The castle was originally built in the 16th century but burnt down in the late 19th century. The outer walls remained intact and the castle was rebuilt only 11 years later.



The castle has since the mid 18th century been home for unwed noble women and I think it still is, though nowadays without the economical benefits that once went with living at Vallö castle. There are a lot of interesting and quirky architectural details everywhere and even if the castle itself is a private residence for many - I find the modern entry phone rather amusing - the pretty courtyard is open at certain times daily.


A stroll in the lovely garden was indeed very enjoyable and relaxing. The place offered a certain, irresistible Sleeping Beauty atmosphere that sunny summer day, I'm sure it has its moments any season though.





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