Thursday, September 25, 2008

September Glimpses From A Garbage Dump Point Of View


I will keep this post really short as far as words are concerned and just show some glimpses of a really lovely autumn walk, to a newish place in the neighbourhood which I hadn't visited until one glorious September day named Today. A new viewpoint with a modernistic waterfall and picnic area built on top of a former waste ground. Now that's what I call good and proper recycling!


Although please beware of dog, there is also whole lot of Malte going on in these pictures. Even if I hadn't been there before, he had and he was very thorough in his ways of showing that. Walking briskly uphill and downhill, taking a semi-bath in some, at close range, horrible looking water and yes, happily gulping it down too... Oh my and sigh, he is still his usual perky self though.


Sniffing the viewpoint, peeing, licking rocks - which obviously is The Thing to do when a loaf doggie and stupid humans refuse to share snack - showing teasing magpie who is in charge of viewpoint and all sorts of pretty darn important things loaf doggie extraordinaire style. Here are a few glimpses from our day at a garbage dump ~

There's even a really neat woodpile if you want to light a fire - for ambiance or barbecue that is - up at the viewpoint. Thank you municipality!
Oh, did I happen to mention I think I reside in a pretty awesome Stockholmian suburb that looks rather amazing dressed in autumn?


Wedding-Calligrapher said...

Hi Pia,
I couldn't agree more... Stockholm looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing such lovely pics.
Claire x

Pia K said...

Welcome, Claire, and thanks for that lovely comment!

Anonymous said...

A very nice walk. I love that dog. ;-)


Pia K said...

Yeah, he is a bit of a darlin', isn't he, Paz...;)

Per Stromsjo said...

Paz, you're absolutely right! We're talking about The One And Only Malte(tm). The ruler of local geographies as well as remote-and-not-yet-folly-concquered ones... ;)

Pia K said...

Thanks, Per, Malte - right now snoozing and hrm, oozing under the table - gives four paws up for that comment:)

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